Microsoft Select Price List


Microsoft products purchased through this program can be made by University of Hawaii Departments and must be for UH related use only.

The table below provides the price per license, which is the legal right the use the software program. The license fee does not include the installation DVD. The DVD price is $25.00 per set (see the "Media" table below). No loan software is available for the Windows OS.

NOTE: The loan Windows 8.1 Update DVD is available only for customers who have purchased the Windows 8 DVD in previous orders.

WARNING: The Windows Operating System (OS) licenses under this program are UPGRADE versions only. They do NOT provide a full Windows desktop OS for custom built or unlicensed computers. These upgrade licenses are strictly for systems with a qualifying underlying OS. The purchase and use of any Windows Upgrade Licenses under this program without a legal, underlying OS will be in violation of the Microsoft License Agreement for UH.  

Windows on a Mac

To install the Windows OS on a Mac, you must purchase the Windows 8.1 Ent License w/SA with the use of Apple's Bootcamp or a 3rd party product (Parallels, VMware, etc.). You will have the option to install Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise. SA must be renewed after the initial SA period in order to continue the use of the Windows OS on your Mac.

Software Assurance (SA):

SA is an additional "maintenance" fee, providing the licensed computer with rights to any new versions released during the valid SA period. It also provides the option of installing the Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise on a Windows or Mac computer.

SA is valid between 25 to 36 months depending on when in the year this is purchased. Orders with SA processed from now until 11/1/2015 will be valid until: November 30, 2017. License holders will be contacted prior to the SA expiration date with the option to renew their SA for an additional 36 months or terminate coverage.

Downgrade Option

Downgrading provides you with the right to use a prior version of a product that you are purchasing. For example, the Windows 8.1 license can be downgraded to Windows 7 if you prefer to use this version instead. NOTE: ITS can not guarantee that the older OS can be installed on newly purchased computers (missing drivers, compatibility, etc.).

No refunds are permitted once the order has been placed with Microsoft and opened/used DVD sets can not be returned.


Item #1:

Item #2:
Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License
(Downgrade to: Windows 7 Pro)

Windows 7 Pro x64 DVD
When you are ready to move up to the newer version, you can automatically upgrade your license to the version that was originally purchased. However you may need to purchase the installation DVD in order to do the installation.

ATTENTION: Windows 8.1 Update Information

Part Number Licenses for Windows OS Computers Item Price
MSSWIN8P Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade License
*downgradable to: Win 7 Pro
MSSWIN8E Windows 8.1 Enterprise Upgrade License
*downgradable to: Win 7 Pro/Ent
MSSWINLSA Windows 8.1 Enterprise Upgrade License & SA
(entitles you to either Win 8.x Pro/Ent)
*downgradable to: Win 7 Pro/Ent
Part Number License for Mac OSX Computers Item Price
MSSWINLSA Windows 8.1 Enterprise Upgrade License & SA
(entitles you to either Win 8.x Pro/Ent)
*downgradable to: Win 7 Pro/Ent
[SA must be valid to continue use of the Windows OS on a Mac]

Part Number Media (CD or DVD) Item Price
MSSWIN81P32 Windows 8.1 Professional 32bit DVD
MSSWIN81P64 Windows 8.1 Professional 64bit DVD
MSSWIN81E32 Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32bit DVD
MSSWIN81E64 Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64bit DVD
MSSWIN7P32 Windows 7 Professional 32bit DVD
MSSWIN7P64 Windows 7 Professional 64bit DVD
MSSWIN7E32 Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit DVD
MSSWIN7E64 Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit DVD

NOTE: prices are subject to change without notice. If you are interested in a product not on this list, please call (808) 956-5783 for availability and pricing.

dot Microsoft Product Use Rights
dot Windows 8.1 Edition Comparison
dot System Requirements: Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
dot End of support for Windows XP

If there are any questions regarding this program, please call the ITS Site License Office at (808) 956-2404 or send email to