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The SAS® System

The SAS System is an integrated software application system that provides powerful tools to access, analyze, manage, and present data. Users of SAS can easily port their programs, data, and SAS data sets over various operating systems. Then, with only a few changes to the operating system-specific file handling statements, the SAS programs will run.

License prices are listed below depending on the type of use. A 'License' is the "right to use" this software for the duration of the current UH Fiscal Year, beginning July 1st through June 30th of the following year. This is an annual site license and fees are not prorated.

Any SAS updates or new versions that are released during the licensed period are made available at no additional cost to the licensed user.

***Prices are subject to change without notice***
License Description PRICE
SAS Academic License Valid for classroom instruction, academic research, coursework for UH, including the formulation of theses and dissertations, and noncommercial UH research use. $63.00
SAS Academic Computer Lab License
Valid for UH computer labs for classroom instruction, student and noncommercial UH research use.
ONLY for computer labs purchasing (5) or more licenses
SAS Administrative License Valid for Faculty/Staff for general UH administration. This includes but is not limited to reporting of management information, planning, quality assurance, statistical support and statutory reporting services for UH. $120.00

The UH SAS Site License contains the following products:
Base SAS
SAS/Bridge for ESRI
SAS Enterprise Guide
SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS Integratn Tech
SAS Text Miner
For detailed descriptions of the products, please visit the Institute's website at

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Complete and print out the SAS Order Form - PDF Fillable Version (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) with all required signatures.

    NOTE: If you plan to install this on a personal computer or laptop, you must also complete and submit the Home-Use Agreement Form.

  2. The following forms of payment will be accepted:
    • UH Requisitions/UH Interdepartmental Orders
    • RCUH Purchase Orders
    • UH Foundations PO/Reqs
    • Personal checks (please make this out to: University of Hawaii ITS)

    NO cash, credit cards, P-Cards and UH Purchase Orders are accepted.
    Students must provide a copy of their valid UH ID (front and back).

    NOTE: Tax and shipping fees are NOT needed.
    Please use the address in Step #3 for the Vendor Address for UH IDOs/RCUH POs.

  3. Drop off or send the original payment, SAS Order Form and Home-Use Agreement Form (if applicable) to the following address:
    University of Hawaii - ITS
    Attn: Site License Administrator
    2520 Correa Road
    Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822
  4. After ITS receives your order and processes your payment, the contact person listed on the order form will receive an email confirmation from ITS. At this time, you may contact the site license office to schedule a pick up appointment for the loan software. Please note, that obtaining your software is determined by first come, first served basis. Loan software will be sent for orders from the Neighbor Islands via Certified Mail if requested.

If you have any questions, please call the ITS Site License Office at (808) 956-2404 or send email to