2017 Conference Presentations by SLS Graduate Students and Faculty

Interactional Skills and Practices in a Second Language (ICOP-L2), Neuchâtel, Switzerland; January 19, 2017

Sangki Kim
Conducting relational talk in service encounters in second-language English: A 30-month case study, in invited colloquium of Longitudinal Investigations into Interactional Competences

International Conference on Language Teacher Education, UCLA; February 2–4, 2017

Priscila Leal & Graham Crookes
Developing critical language teachers’ beliefs: Critical consciousness

Elizitationsverfahren in der Mehrsprachigkeitsforschung (organized by and for doctoral students from all over Germany), Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany; March 8–10, 2017

J. D. Brown
Data elicitation in mixed-methods research (plenary)

American Association for Applied Linguistics, Portland, OR; March 18–21, 2017

Carrie Bach
L2 Korean MALL Interactions: Text and Voice-Messaging in KakaoTalk (roundtable)

James Dean Brown & Jonathan Trace (Keio University; PhD in SLS, UH-Mānoa Alumnus)
Connected speech dictations for testing second language listening

Alfred Rue Burch (Rice University; PhD in SLS, UH-Mānoa Alumnus) & Eunseok Ro (session organizers and presenters)
Building upon intervention: Changes in floor-taking practices and resources

Eva Ponte (UH College of Education) & Christina Higgins
Language teacher identity and transdisciplinarity in a multilingual world

Christina Higgins
Multilingual families: Aspirations and challenges

Junko Imai
Effect of writing conferences on L2 learners’ texts and attitudes: Contributions of quantitative findings and their limitations

Kristopher Kyle
Measuring longitudinal writing development: A usage based perspective
N-gram measures and L2 writing proficiency

Anna Mendoza
A new lens for an old debate: Applying the Douglas Fir Model of SLA to grammar instruction in EAP writing

Elham Monfaredi
Telling story, teaching grammar in a Persian language classroom

Patharaorn Patharakorn & Gabriele Kasper (session organizer)
A mixed-methods approach to assessing topic transitions in multi-party talk

Kristin Rock
Pre-task planning in L2 text-chat: Examining learners’ process and performance

George Smith & Yuka Matsutani
A mixed-methods approach to examining the efficacy of meta-cognitive feedback training in peer interaction: Insights from CA-grounded formal coding

Mónica Vidal, Kendi Ho, & Machiko Hasegawa
Contrasting categories of culture in the revitalization of ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i: A discourse analysis

Ding Wang (Princeton University; MA in SLS, UH-Mānoa Alumna)
A conversation analytic study of activity shift in Mandarin Chinese tutoring sessions

Jing Zhou
Foreign language classroom anxiety and its predictors: A structural equation modeling study (poster)

TESOL International Convention 2017, Seattle WA; March 21–24, 2017

Carrie Bach
Action Research of Gamification in Reading (MA forum)

Betsy Gilliland
What writing teachers need to know: Exploring teacher education models (colloquium chair, presenter, and organizer)
TESOLers supporting mainstream teachers of English language learners (colloquium chair, presenter, and organizer)

Kendi Ho
Assessment for ELLs and ABE students in the Individualized Career Achievement Network (iCAN) Program (panel, “Innovative Solutions to Adult Education Program Design and Collaboration”)

30th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Boston, MA; March 30–April 1, 2017

Theres Grüter, Elaine Lau & Wenyi Ling
Shape classifiers and referential processing in Mandarin: Noun class trumps semantics

Theres Grüter, Aya Takeda, Wenyi Ling, Hannah Rohde & Amy J. Schafer
Event structure modulates anticipatory looks to potential next referents

Haerim Hwang, Hyunwoo Kim & Bonnie D. Schwartz
Revisiting empty-category processing by L2 learner with only classroom exposure

Mari Miyao, Amy J. Schafer & Bonnie D. Schwartz
Influence of competitors on the L2 production of English referential expressions

Sun Hee Park & Hyunwoo Kim
L2 processing of the Korean locative constructions by Chinese-Korean bilinguals

Gyu-ho Shin & Hyunwoo Kim
Can language users derive sentence meaning without relying on verbs? Evidence from English and Korean

The Seventh International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching, Barcelona, Spain; April 19–21, 2017

Carrie Bach
The role of modality in pre-task planning: Effects on learner performance in L2 text-chat

Mitsuko Suzuki
Effects of Task Planning Types on L2 Learner’s Oral Performance: A Meta-Analysis

Thinking, Doing, Learning (TDL3) conference, University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), Munich, Germany; April 19–21, 2017

Sangki Kim
Stability in a Multimodal Practice in Service Encounters: A Documentary and Sedimentating Process

International Society of Language Studies (ISLS), Honolulu, Hawai‘i; June 15–17, 2017

Graham Crookes
Peaceable Discourse Needed for Critical Second Language Pedagogy: Exploratory Talk for Critical Dialogue

Betsy Gilliland & Priscila Leal
Validating stories of conflict and becoming: Immigrant adolescent girls’ life narratives in a community writing workshop

Angela Haeusler
You get job or wat?’: Pidgin as a Resource for Peaceful Communication and Economic Well-Being in Hawai’i

Christina Higgins
‘Pidgin is one language’: Changing Ideologies about Pidgin after its Recognition on the U.S. Census

Rachel Jun
Broadcasting the Ultimate Unification: A Study of Korean Multicultural TV Show and Unifications Promoted with Use of TELOP

Hye-Young Jung
North Korean Defector Students’ Identities in South Korea: Narrative Analysis of Media Interviews

Taylor Lewis
Rwandan Twitter in 2014: The Roles of French and English in Rwandan Political Discourse on the Anniversary of Genocide

Yu-han Lin
Suppressed Taiwan Southern Min Speaker Identity by Positioning through Codeswitching in Narrative

Mery Diez Ortega
Developing Intercultural Competence in a Foreign Language Classroom

International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA), Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK; July 16–21, 2017

Eunseok Ro, Alfred Rue Burch (Rice University; PhD in SLS, UH-Mānoa Alumnus), & Gabriele Kasper
Development of recipient practices in a second language book club setting (panelists; organized by S. Pekarek Doehler & E. Pochon-Berger)

Rachel Jun & Gabriele Kasper
Producing ‘Foreigners’ in TV Entertainment Shows: Sequence, Categorization, and Multisemiotic Practices

Parvaneh Rezaee
Categories and Pronouns as Resources for Political Critique in an Iranian TV Show

The 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; July 23–28, 2017

Christina Higgins
Space as Practiced Place: Re-envisioning Multilingualism from an Activity Orientation.

Jennifer Holdway
Transformative professional development for in-service mathematics teachers of English language learners

Priscila Leal
Critical language teaching: Scaffolding tasks and preparing students for critical engagement

Pan-Korea English Teachers’ Association Conference, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, Korea; September 23, 2017

J. D. Brown
Developing and using rubrics in language classroom assessment (plenary)
Developing and using rubrics in language classroom assessment: Hands-on workshop

3rd International VietTESOL Conference. Thai Nguyen, Vietnam; December 7-8, 2017

J. D. Brown
Assessment and World Englishes, English as an international language, and lingua franca (opening keynote address)
How classroom assessments can improve teaching and learning (two workshops)