The Value of a Degree in SLS

Not just a teaching degree…

While many SLS majors hope to get a job teaching a second language (either overseas or in the U.S.) after graduation, it’s useful to know that receiving a degree in Second Language Studies will prepare you for more than teaching jobs alone. Indeed, awareness of other languages is the first step towards understanding and embracing other cultures and perspectives. The knowledge and specialization gained through studying SLS will enable you to contribute to a growing global society.

Taking your degree further

A degree in SLS can open doors to a wide variety of possibilities, including:

  • World travel
  • Multicultural exchange
  • Using, and helping others to use, English as an international language
  • Working with other languages
  • Developing skills for teaching and learning language

In addition, a BA in SLS can lead to the pursuit of an advanced degree in SLS or another related field. For information about the graduate program in the Department of SLS, please see their website.