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NOTE:  For any position in fields related to SLS, we strongly recommend that you research the organization carefully.  This includes a thorough review of the information on their website, as well as reviews written by people who have worked there.  (When you read reviews, keep in mind that some people may love working at an organization and others may hate it.  Look for trends — and if you see recurring mention of something disconcerting, you can always ask the employer (politely) about how they are addressing it.)


Dave’s ESL Cafe

ESL jobs overseas, primarily in China, Korea, and other areas of Asia. Provides daily postings of international ESL/EFL listings, as well as an area to post resumes, job discussion forms, and a variety of other useful resources and ideas for ESL/EFL teachers.

Chronicle of Higher Education

University/college level positions mostly within the United States, along with some international listings. Most positions require an MA or PhD.

O-Hayo Sensei

Online bi-monthly newsletter of ESL teaching jobs in Japan. Listings include a range of private conversation schools, public schools, and university positions. BA only required for most positions.

Digital Education Network’s ELT Job Centre

Listing of international teaching jobs primarily within private conversation schools, and mostly located in China or other areas of Asia. BA only required for many positions.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL): Career Center

Job search for foreign language teaching positions within the United States, both K-12 and University level. BA positions available, though many listings require an MA or PhD.

TESOL Online Career Center

Job search for ESL positions both within the United States and abroad. Includes mostly teaching positions, though other opportunities are also available for applicants holding a BA degree in SLS.

Hawaii Department of Education Job Opportunities

K-12 jobs within the Hawaii public school system.

ELT News Jobs

Listing of EFL teaching jobs in Japan, mostly limited to private conversation schools. BA only required for most positions.


Listing of EFL teaching jobs in Japan. The “JobDojo Media” has several articles about preparing to work in Japan and, in particular, about living in Japan.

ESL Jobs World

International listing of ESL jobs by region. Primarily teaching related positions, though other opportunities are also available. BA only required for most positions.

Go Overseas

International listing of ESL jobs, including a drop-down list by region. Primarily teaching related positions. BA only required for most positions. Also has links for volunteering abroad or internships abroad.

TEFL Professional Network Job Site

A job search site, with information listed by country. To search, scroll down through the information until you come to a pull-down menu with countries. Click there and find the country you want, then click on the button that says “Go”.

International English Teaching Programs

The Japan Exchange and Teaching(JET) Programme

The JET Programme is aimed as providing internationalism with local Japanese communities at the local level through teaching, working with local government offices, and more. Most participants find positions within public schools and local boards of education, acting as assistant English teachers in primary and secondary schools all over Japan. Applicants are selected each year and contracted to work for 1-year, with the ability to re-contract for up to 5 years in total.

English Program in Korea (EPIK)

Sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, EPIK is an opportunity to teach in Korean public schools of all levels to promote English education in Korea and cultural exchange. Applications are accepted in February and August (with limited availability also in March and September).Applicants are restricted to native speakers of English and work based on a 1-year contract.

Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK)

The TaLK program provides opportunities to teach English in Korea, also sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Unlike EPIK, TaLK has a focus on education and international development in rural areas of South Korea. Participants are selected from English-speaking countries, and applications are accepted in February and August for either six-month or 1-year contracts.

Teaching Jobs in France (listserv)

This is a listserv that publishes job announcements for teachers (of various subjects, including languages) in France.  Like many listservs, they do not screen each and every job posting, so it’s the applicant’s responsibility to do your research about potential employers.  To subscribe, send a message to


CIEE is a non-profit organization for international exchange, with opportunities for study abroad, teaching, and more. Various teaching positions are available in Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam for university graduates.

EF English First Teach English Abroad Programme

EF English First provides teaching opportunities in China, Indonesia and Russia. At EF you can teach varying age levels from kids and teens to adult learners. EF assures all teachers a legal working visa, arrival support and continual professional development opportunities. Applications are accepted year round, but positions are restricted to passport holders from the USA, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Translation and Interpretation job-related links allows you to create a profile, search existing jobs, and get email notifications when jobs are posted on their site that match your profile.

Other useful SLS job-related links

Teaching Portfolio & Prepartion Series (TiPPS)

TiPPS is designed to help future language educators (primarily graduate students in language departments at UH) prepare for the job market they will face upon graduation. While TiPPS is a workshop held each semester to help students prepare a professional portfolio and gain insight into effective job searching, the website has a wealth of useful downloads and other information for anyone seeking a job in a language field.