Kathy Davis

Kathryn Davis has a M.A. degree from the University of Leeds (England) and a Ph.D. degree in Language, Literacy, and Culture from the School of Education, Stanford University. She is Associate Professor of Second Language Studies and also serves as director of the Center for Second Language Research (CSLR). She specializes in qualitative research, bilingualism, biliteracy,and language/educational policy and planning. She has published several books and co-edited special issues for TESOL Quarterly ( Qualitative Research; Gender & Language Education) and Anthropology & Education Quarterly (Authenticity and Identity Issues in Indigenous Language Education). Her CSLR activities include grant writing and directing funded projects. Current projects she directs are: 1) a federally funded Studies of Heritage and Academic Language and Literacies (SHALL) high school program and 2) a federally funded Bilingual Studies undergraduate program at the University of Hawaii.


mailto: kathrynd@hawaii.edu

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