9/14: Fourth Chuo-UHM-UTokyo Student Conference on Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, and Second Language Acquisition

Friday, September 14, 2018

Held at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Center for Korean Studies


1:30 p.m. Plenary
Interpretations of Japanese reflexive pronouns by native and non-native speakers
Professor Makiko Hirakawa, Chuo University

2:40 p.m. Poster Session A
3:40 p.m. Poster Session B
4:40 p.m. Poster Session C
Presented by Chuo, UTokyo, and UHM students (schedule as follows)

5:30 p.m. Reception

We hope many SLSers can come for some or all of the conference.
Attendance is FREE! See you there!

Poster Session A

A1. Yanxin Zhu, Xiangjun Deng, Virginia Yip (UHM)
A corpus study of the acquisition of ba and bei constructions in child Mandarin

A2. Haerim Hwang (UHM)
A proposal for testing interpretation contrasts between English VP-ellipsis and Gapping by L1-Korean adult L2ers

A3. Crystal Zhong, Fred Zenker (UHM)
Episodic eventualities and island effects in Chinese topic structures

A4. Ivan Bondoc, Amy Schafer (UHM)
Revisiting Tagalog word order preferences

A5. Tian Wang (UHM)
Investigation of comprehension of English verbs in connected speech by Chinese ESL college students

A6. Atsushi Fujii, Itsuki Minemi (UTokyo)
Gap-filling parsing by Japanese learners of English

A7. Risa Matsubara, Kei Furukawa (UTokyo)
Accentedness-driven Prosodic Effect on Silent Reading

A8. Recarda Bothe, Leigh Fernandez, Shanley Allen (UHM)
L1 reading direction as a feature influencing L2 perceptual span size: An eye tracking study

A9. Bethany Schwartz (UHM)
Listener judgements of the Pidgin (Hawaiʻi Creole)-English continuum in children

Poster Session B

B1. Mayuko Yusa, Zhiguo Xie, Noriaki Yusa, Mineharu Nakayama (UHM)
Do Chinese and English learners of Japanese accept sloppy interpretations with Japanese null arguments?

B2. Kei Furukawa (UTokyo)
F0 Down-stairs in Japanese

B3. Takeshi Kishiyama , Itsuki Minemi, Haruka Tada, Goki Iwasaki, Yuki Hirose (UTokyo)
Process for minimizing distance between NPI and negation at reanalysis

B4. Masato Nakamura (UTokyo)
The Longer You Hold, the Weaker You Predict: the Effect of Retaining Lexical Prediction.

B5. Megumi Ishikawa, Takane Ito (UTokyo)
The more NPs, the more difficult: Possessive passives in child Japanese

B6. Saki Tsumura (UTokyo)
The Processing of Subject-Predicate Dependency in Japanese

B7. Kazunori Suzuki (Chuo)
Examining Intervention: Relative Clauses in L2 English

B8. Takayuki Kimura (Chuo)
Raising under and out of Control: The Syntax of Infinitive Clauses in Japanese-English Interlanguage

Poster Session C

C1. Victoria Lee, Yuki Hirose, Theres Grüter (UHM)
Tracking a child’s discrimination between sound contrasts after a decrease in L2 exposure

C2. Fred Zenker, Haerim Hwang (UHM)
Testing for island effects with topic structures in L1 Korean and L1/L2 English

C3. Kristen Urada (UHM)
The Study Quality of Qualitative Primary Literature in Second Language Writing Journals

C4. Akari Ohba (UHM)
New Evidence on the Acquisition of Clefts in Japanese

C5. Itsuki Minemi (UTokyo)
Syntactic Constraint and Memory Access in the Processing of Japanese Scrambling Wh-Questions: Interim Report

C6. Chuyu Huang, Kei Furukawa, Yuki Hirose (UTokyo)
Stress Assignment to Trisyllabic Loanwords in English: A Production Test

C7. Sayaka Koyama (Chuo)
L2 Acquisition of VP-Ellipsis in English by Japanese and Chinese Learners of English

C8. Takuya Anahara, Takayuki Kimura, Yuki Takahashi (Chuo)
What is So Difficult about Scope Interpretation?