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Advanced Graduate Certificate

AGC in SLS Program

Objectives The Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) in Second Language Studies, begun in fall 2000, provides advanced training to those who already have graduate degrees (MA, MEd, MS, PhD, EdD, etc.) in applied linguistics, foreign languages, ESL, or related fields. The program is specifically aimed at those who wish to respecialize or to update their training …

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AGC in SLS – Spanish Applied Linguistics

Learning Outcomes Since the AGC is designed to provide individually tailored programs of study, student learning outcomes will vary considerably from one student to the next. In general, students who complete the track of the AGC SLS/ will acquire contemporary knowledge and skills in topics and issues related to: Spanish second language analysis, learning, pedagogy, …

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AGC Admissions

Overview of Admissions Requirements – Advanced Graduate Certificate in Second Language Studies Applicants need to apply for admittance to both (1) the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Graduate Division (UHM Graduate Division) and (2) the Department of Second Language Studies. Please use the checklist provided at the bottom of this page to verify that you …

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Financial Support for AGC Students

AGC students are not eligible for GAships or Achievement Scholarship tuition support (see UHM Graduate Division rules), owing to the fact that these are forms of financial support for degree-seeking students provided by the State of Hawai‘i. Similarly, AGC students are not eligible to apply for U.S. federal loans because loans are only available to …

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