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The Department of Second Language Studies manages a jobs listserv for current students, alumni, and active members of the professional organization HITESOL:


All BA, MA, AGC, and PhD in SLS students are automatically added to this list upon entry into their program, and may unsubscribe from the list at any point. (Instructions on how to unsubscribe are provided at the end of each email through the listserv.) Students may request to change their email settings at the time of graduation. Alumni may request to be re-added to the list via email:

The ESLJ-L listserv is archived. Subscribers to the listserv may search the archive by registering for a listserv password and following the instructions provided at this link.


Please email job postings to the SLS Employment Officer: Emily Lee (

Current Students

At the beginning of each fall semester, there is a Brown Bag presentation about employment opportunities within the field of SLS for current students. International students should become familiar with visa requirements and restrictions with regard to on- and off-campus employment and volunteering opportunities (see International Student Services and the International Student Handbook).

On-Campus Employers

Local Professional Organizations

Teacher Portfolio & Preparation Series
for UH-Mānoa graduate students in language or literature departments