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Graham Crookes

CrookesProfessor & Department Chair

PhD, University of Hawai‘i

Moore Hall 556
crookesat symbolhawaii.edu

Dr. Crookes’s specialties include the methodology of second language teaching and teacher development (including practice teaching supervision and more recently, philosophy of teaching). Besides teaching regular graduate and undergraduate courses for the Department of SLS, he has conducted courses and workshops for teachers especially on teaching methodology, action research, and critical pedagogy, in a variety of settings around the world, including Colombia, Denmark, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, and Vietnam. His main research interests at present are critical language pedagogy and language teachers developing philosophies of teaching.

Selected Publications:

Crookes, G. V. (in press). Redrawing the boundaries on theory, research, and practice concerning language teachers’ philosophies and language teacher cognition: Toward a critical perspective. Modern Language Journal.

Crookes, G. V., & Mastandrea, A. (in press). The dynamics of language teacher belief in relation to institutional context: An Activity Theory approach. Korea TESOL Journal.

Crookes, G. V. (2013). Critical ELT in action: Foundations, promises, praxis. Routledge.

Crookes, G. V. (2012). Epistemology and ontology. In L. Ortega et al. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Cambridge University Press.

Crookes, G. V. (2012). Critical language pedagogy. In L. Ortega et al. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Cambridge University Press.