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Gabriele Kasper


Dr. phil. Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Moore Hall 554
gkasperat symbolhawaii.edu

Gabriele Kasper teaches and conducts research on multilingual speakers’ participation in social interaction from the perspective of conversation analysis and related discursive approaches. She is interested in the organization of institutional talk, the discursive production of identities, the visibly social side of cognition, affect, and learning, and the development of interactional competencies. Her contributions to research methodology in second language studies include early publications on verbal protocols and speech act pragmatics. Recently she has been concerned with methodological questions in the application of conversation analysis to second language talk and standard research methods.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Language and social interaction
  • Socially grounded approaches to SLA
  • Qualitative research methodology

Selected Publications:

Burch, A. R., & Kasper, G. (2016). Like Godzilla: Enactments and formulations in telling a disaster story in Japanese. In M. T. Prior & G. Kasper (Eds.), Emotion in multilingual interaction (pp. 57–85). Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Kasper, G., & Burch, A. R. (2016). Focus on form in the wild. In R. A. van Compernolle & J.  McGregor (Eds.), Authenticity, language, and interaction in second language contexts (pp. 198–232). Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Kasper, G., & Kim, Y. (2015). Conversation-for-learning: Institutional talk beyond the classroom. In N. Markee (Ed.), The handbook of classroom discourse and interaction (pp. 390-408). Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.

Kasper, G., & Prior, M. (2015). “You said that?”: Other-initiations of repair addressed to represented talk. Text & Talk, 35, 815–844.

Kasper, G., & Prior, M. (2015). Analyzing story telling in TESOL interview research. TESOL Quarterly, 49, 226–255.

Kasper, G., & Wagner, J. (2014). Conversation analysis in applied linguistics. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 34, 171–212.

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