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Geoffrey LaFlair

LaFlairG_biophotoAssistant Professor

PhD, Northern Arizona University

Moore Hall 555
glaflairat symbolhawaii.edu

Geoff’s interests are situated in language assessment, quantitative research methods, and corpus linguistics. Within language assessment, he is especially interested in validity research of both large- and small-scale language assessments. This includes the construction and examination of validity arguments. He is also interested in corpus-based applications for examining the validity of the interpretations and uses of language assessments. Within quantitative research methods, he is interested in examining and improving quantitative research methods in the field of applied linguistics. This includes investigating the utility of nonparametric analyses (e.g., bootstrapping) as well as the promotion and use of reproducible research tools within the R/Rstudio environment.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Language assessment
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Corpus linguistics

Selected Publications:

LaFlair, G. T. & Staples, S. (2017). Using corpus linguistics to examine the extrapolation inference in the validity argument for a high-stakes speaking assessment. Language Testing, 34(4), 451-475.

LaFlair, G. T., Isbell, D., Gutierrez Arvizu, M. N., May, L. D. N., & Jamieson, J. (2017). Equating in small-scale language testing programs. Language Testing, 34, 127–144.

Staples, S., LaFlair, G. T., & Egbert, J. (2017). Comparing language use in oral proficiency interviews to language use in target domains: Conversational, academic, and professional discourse.Modern Language Journal, 101, 194–213.

Plonsky, L., Egbert, J., & LaFlair, G. T. (2015). Bootstrapping in applied linguistics: Assessing its potential using shared data. Applied Linguistics, 36, 611–634