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Tzu-Hua Chen

Image of Ms. Chen at crosswalkMA in English Teaching, National Taiwan Normal University

Research Interests: ​s​econd ​l​anguage ​a​cquisition, ​c​om​puter-​assisted language learning​​​, computer-mediated communication, task-based language teaching, second language pragmatics, research methods (including meta-analysis and research synthesis)





Chen, T.-H.,& Lin,C.-C. (2018). Enhancing L2 English learning through mobile-assisted TBLT: EFL learners’ perspectives. The Journal of Asia TEFL, 15(2), 453–461. http://dx.doi.org/10.18823/asiatefl.2018.

Chen, T.-H., & Plonsky, L. (2017). Review of A psycholinguistic approach to technology and language learning. [Review of the book A psycholinguistic approach to technology and language learning, by Leow. R. P., Cerezo. L., & Baralt. M. (Eds.).] Language Learning & Technology, 21(2), 27–31. Retrieved from http://llt.msu.edu/issues/june2017/review2.pdf

Chen, T. -H. (2015). EFL undergraduates’ perceptions of blended speaking instruction. English Teaching & Learning, 39(2), 87–120. doi: 10.6330/ETL.2015.39.2.04

Chen, T. -H. (2012). Effects of task type and language proficiency on communication strategy use of English-speaking L2 Chinese learners. Proceedings of 11th International Conference of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (ATCSL) (pp.711–721). Taipei: Association of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. (Undergraduate graduation research project)