Susan Proctor and Jonathan Hull Continue Generous Support of SLS Graduate Students

The ‘Oihana Maika’i Endowment was established with a very generous gift made by SLS alumni Ms. Susan Proctor and Dr. Jonathan Hull in 2002.

Earlier this summer, in May 2015, Dr. Hull and Ms. Proctor made yet another generous donation in celebration of the launching of the digital publication of the ESL textbook series Interchange and New Interchange. Their combined $40,000 gift will provide the Department of Second Language Studies with more than $6,500 annually to support SLS students’ professional development.

Ms. Proctor and Dr. Hull expressed their appreciation for the Department’s support while they were in the MA program. They continue to believe strongly in the Department’s work and in supporting the development and research of our graduate students. Letters written directly from graduate students who received funding from the SLS Graduate ‘Oihana Maika’i Fund have also shown our donors the great impact of their support.

In 2009, Dr. Hull and Ms. Proctor received the SLS Distinguished Alumni Award.

The Department of Second Language Studies is deeply grateful for the continued support of Ms. Proctor and Dr. Hull. We hope that past, current, and future students will continue to maintain their ties with the Department and with one another.