Physical Space and Laboratories

The Center has research space, including office space for visiting colleagues, in TP 101 (shared with the Charlene Sato Center), as well as in Moore 264 (Second Language Research and Bilingualism lab [SLAB]). SLAB is a part of the Language Analysis and Experimentation Laboratories (LAE Labs), a shared research and teaching facility for the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature (LLL). SLAB provides space for developing, conducting and analysing research on any aspects of language learning and use, and is open to all students and faculty associated with the College of LLL. For questions about accessibility and usage policies, please consult the SLAB webpage, or contact the CSLR Director.

Research Participants

The Linguistics Beyond the Classroom (LBC) project was originally founded by the Department of Linguistics with the dual goal of providing students with the opportunity to experience language related research first hand by participating in it, while at the same time creating a participant pool for students and faculty to draw from for their research. Since 2013, this resource has been extended to the Department of SLS, with the CSLR Director serving as a member of the LBC committee.

SLS instructors can choose to include participation in the LBC for (extra) credit in their courses, and SLS researchers (students and faculty) can apply for participants from this pool for their own research. For further information on how to participate in the LBC, as a student, instructor or researcher, please consult the LBC website.

Getting Help with Conducting Research

The Center director is available for consultation on questions relating to any aspect of the research process, including but not limited to the following:

  • Seeking (intramural or extramural) funding and grant writing
  • Identifying relevant outlets (conferences, journals) for student research
  • Applying for IRB approval to conduct research with human participants; see also here for information on submitting SLS research to the UH IRB (slides from Fall 2014 SLS Brown Bag presentation by Denise Lin-DeShetler, Director of the Human Studies Program)