A Word from the Webmaster

This new site has many Web 2.0 features to keep the immediate and extended DSLS community updated with news and developments. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook and subscribe to the RSS feed to be 24-7 connected to this great community. The department wishes to thank the following individuals from DSLS for their assistance and care in building this virtual community at various stages of the development:

Evelyn Aschenbrenner, MA student, 2011.

Cheryle DiCello, MA student, 2010, currently teaching at HELP.

Ying Hu, MA student, 2009, currently teaching hybrid ELI82 (Advanced ESL Reading).

Meng Tsen Shih, MA student, 2011.

Joseph Peters: MA student, 2011, currently on leave of absence teaching in JET program in Japan.

Mónica Vidal: MA student, 2010, currently teaching hybrid ELI80 (Advanced ESL Listening & Speaking).

The department would like to give special recognition to Ying Hu for her creativity and capacity to integrate academic learning to practical web development that invites multiparty and multimodal access.

This virtual community is like any other one that is being developed dynamically. We hope you care for this community as much as we do and welcome any comments, please contact us.

Aloha and Mahalo!

The DSLS website committee chair, Dongping Zheng, Ph.D.


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