SLS Letter

The SLS Letter was originally conceived as a conventional hard-copy newsletter, whose  purpose was to make news of the department known especially to its alumns, keep channels of communication open between alumni, faculty, staff, and sudents, and provide notices of relevant upcoming events. It was previously published once a year, in hard copy.

Past issues of the SLS Letter are archived below, and we hope to return to a regular accumulation of news and personal updates from faculty and alumni in the near future, with an online newsletter page in the Departmental homepages designated for news items.
For now, alumni should be sure to keep the Department advised of their email addresses in order to receive an announcements of the newsletter when it is reconstituted. Any news items concerning the work and life of alumni, including photos, will be warmly welcomed. For the time being, please visit our Departmental Facebook page, like us, and post notices of your activities, events, career, alumns you have run into and conferences you have attended.
The online archive of past SLSLetters is as follows:

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