Current and Recent Visiting Colleagues


Eri Banno (March 2014–September 2014)DrBannoPhoto

Okayama University, Japan

banno**   (** = @)

Dr. Banno’s main field of interest is in materials development, language assessment, and extensive reading for Japanese language learners. Her current research focuses on the validity of learners’ self-assessment, and extensive reading programs in a Japanese as a second language context. She has been a faculty member at Okayama University since 2000.


Peter Gobel (April 2014–March 2015)PGobel

Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan

Peter Gobel has published and presented research in the areas of 1) anxiety and foreign language learning; 2) learner motivation and attitudes towards success and failure at language learning; 3) second language learner strategies; 4) extensive reading; and 5) the role of technology in education. Current research interests are focused on changes in L2 motivation, and how language learners interact with digital technology ( ICT and CMS) both inside and outside of the classroom. He has been a faculty member of Cultural Studies at Kyoto Sangyo University since 2000.


Eun-Young Jeon (September 2013–June 2014)DrJeonPhoto

Chonbuk National University, Korea

Dr. Jeon’s main field of interest has been developing and analyzing teaching materials. Her current research focuses on examining the effects of second/foreign language reading programs on learners’ language competence and motivation. She has been a lecturer at Chonbuk National University since 2007.


Setsuko Mori (April 2014–March 2015)SMori

Kinki University, Japan

Dr. Mori’s research interests include how individual differences such as motivation, attributional tendancies, and personality affect learning behavior. She is on the editorial board of Reading in a Foreign Language and JALT Journal. She has been a faculty member of Kinki University since 2004.


sangkeunshinSankeun Shin (September 2013–March 2014)

Ewha Womans University, Korea

Professor Shin’s field of research is in language assessment, ELT methodology, and second language teacher socialization. His current research projects include the effects of marking on test-takers’ performance on computer-based reading tests and the development of teaching models for writing instruction. He has been a faculty member of Ewha Womans University since 2005.


Qinghua Zhang (April 2014–March 2015)ZhangQH

China University of Geosciences, China

Qinghua Zhang’s field of research is in methodology of foreign language teaching, foreign language reading, literacy, and language teacher development. Her current work focuses on EFL teachers’ practical knowledge about tertiary-level English reading instruction in the Chinese context. She has been a faculty member at China University of Geosciences since 2001 and an associate professor since 2012.


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