Auditing Courses

Classified graduate students may register for graduate courses (those numbered 600 and above) as auditors with the consent of the instructor. Department of SLS policy states that auditors must be classified graduate students, must be admitted to candidacy, and must obtain consent of the instructor.

(Note: Some instructors do not permit auditors in their classes, so the student must check first with a particular instructor to be sure that auditing is permitted.)

Approved audit courses are entered on student transcripts and are included when tuition is calculated, but audit courses may NOT be used for purposes of determining enrollment status, graduate assistantship eligibility or fulfillment of degree requirements.

Registration for audit courses is allowed only during the regular and late registration periods. After the late registration period, changes from audit status to regular status or vice versa will NOT be allowed. Withdrawal from audit courses is not permitted.

It is university policy that auditors are (generally) not allowed in laboratory science, mathematics, elementary and intermediate modern languages, creative writing, English composition, speech courses, or in classes where they might take the place of credit students.


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