Center for Second Language Research (CSLR)

The Center for Second Language Research (CSLR) was established in the fall of 1983 as a research unit of the Department of SLS (and was originally named the Center for Second Language Classroom Research).

The Center is administered by the Center Director (a faculty member of the Department of SLS, with release time). CSLR staff is drawn from the Department of SLS and affiliated university departments and programs.

Since 1983, the work of the CSLR includes research, curriculum development, and teacher training projects in all areas of second language studies.

CSLR Directors (in time sequence) have been Dept. of SLS professors: Richard Day, Mike Long, Craig Chaudron, Charlene Sato, Karen Watson-Gegeo, Graham Crookes, Kathy Davis, and Luca Onnis.

The present Director of CSLR (2013 and on) is Dr. Theres Grüter.


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