Grade Point Ratio (GPR=GPA)

To be awarded a degree by the Graduate Division, a student must maintain a B average (3.0 GPR) for all courses completed at the University of Hawai‘i that are applied toward the degree.

Students must also have a B average for all courses taken as a classified graduate student, in both upper division and graduate courses.

The GPR is computed for courses numbered:


Note: Courses taken at the 500-level do not count towards the degree and normally are not taken by students in the Department of SLS.

If a student has been dismissed from another graduate field of study and is accepted into a program in the Dept. of SLS, that student must earn the minimum GPR by the end of his or her first semester to remain in the program. The GPR will be based on the entire academic record as a classified graduate student at UH-M.


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