SPCL Conference List of Papers



Wednesday, August 13


  4.30– 6.30       Registration (Lanai) (outside the Imin International Conference Center)


Thursday, August 14


  8.00– 9.00       Registration/Breakfast (Lanai)


  9.00–10.00      Opening (Keoni Auditorium):

                        Hawaiian Chant; welcome by Prof Karl E. Kim (Interim Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UHM); waelkam by Kent Sakoda; presentation by Armin Schwegler:; address by Glenn Gilbert


10.00–10.30       Break (refreshments on Lanai)


10.30–12.00       Session 1A (Keoni Auditorium): Variation (Chair: Marlyse Baptista)

     10.30–11.00  Dagmar Deuber:: Aspects of variation in educated Nigerian Pidgin: Verbal structures

     11.00–11.30  Adam B. Paliwala: Three types of creole/superstrate code mixing in Tok Pisin

     11.30–12.00  Alison Irvine: Rethinking the notion of acrolect: Evidence from Jamaica


10.30–12.00       Session 1B (Sarimanok Room): Historical/Descriptive 1 (Chair: Genevieve Escure)

     10.30–11.00  Sarah J. Roberts: Viper Pidgin, good English, and the language of the enemy: Language ideology in Territorial Hawai‘i

     11.00–11.30  Laura Wright: Black Speakers on the Island of St Helena, 1695-1711

     11.30–12.00  Emmanuel J. Drechsel: Towards an ethnohistory of pidgins: Colonial documents as hostile witnesses


12.00– 2.00       Lunch (Wailana – Lower Level)


  1.00- 2.00        Information session on Pidgin (Hawai‘i Creole) by Kent Sakoda and others (Keoni Auditorium)


  2.00– 3.30       Session 2A (Keoni Auditorium): Applied/Educational 1 (Chair: Diana Eades)

       2.00– 2.30  Janet L. Donnelly: Bahamian Creole English: Orthographic representations

       2.30– 3.00  Eileen H. Tamura: AAVE and HCE: Comparative history of educational debates with policy implications

       3.00– 3.30  John Baugh: Pidgin and creole educational policies in the wake of the Ebonics controversy


  2.00– 3.30       Session 2B (Sarimanok  Room):  Historical/Descriptive 2 (Chair: Tonjes Veenstra)

       2.00– 2.30  Armin Schwegler: On the recent discovery of a possible Afro-Cuban creole: Further remarks on Palo Monte (restructured Kikongo) ritual speech

       2.30– 3.00  Susanne Mühleisen: Emil Schwörer's Kolonialdeutsch (1916): A historical note on a planned pidgin German

       3.00– 3.30  Aya Inoue: Sociolinguistic history and linguistic features of pidginized Japanese in Yokohama


  2.00– 3.30       Session 2C (Kaniela Room): Semantics (Chair: Michel DeGraff)

       2.00– 2.30  Marlyse Baptista: The Cape Verdean NP in the Sotavento varieties

       2.30– 3.00  Dany Adone: Conceptual categories in a French-based creole

       3.00– 3.30  Karl Gadelii: The un-Frenchness of Lesser Antillean sa


  3.30– 4.00       Break (refreshments in upstairs corridor)


  4.00– 5.00       Session 3A (Keoni Auditorium): Educational 2 (Chair: Terri Menacker)

       4.00– 4.30  Joyce Hudson & Rosalind Berry: The FELIKS approach to teaching Standard English

       4.30– 5.00  Ronald C. Morren: Creole trilingual education - San Andres Island, Caribbean


  4.00– 5.00       Session 3B (Sarimanok  Room):  Historical/Descriptive 3 (Chair: Charles Mann)

       4.00– 4.30  Seiji Fakazawa & Mie Hiramoto: Chuugoku dialect terms that remain in Hawai‘i Creole English (Hawai ni nokoru Chuugoku-ben)

       4.30– 5.00  Maria M.P. Scherre & Anthony.J. Naro: Still prospecting: More on the structural origins of Brazilian Portuguese


  4.00– 5.00       Session 3C (Kaniela Room): Substrate influence 1 (Chair: Adrienne Bruyn)

       4.00– 4.30  Peter Slomanson: A Sri Lanka Malay grammar with VO predicates

       4.30– 5.00  Claire Lefebvre: Can Saramaccan functional categories be derived from a relexification account of creole genesis?


  5.30– 6.30       Cultural program (Keoni Auditorium)

                        Readings by Lee Tonouchi (“Da Pidgin Guerrilla”);

                        Performance of traditional hula by Halau Mohala Ilima


  6.30– 8.00       Reception (with drinks and pupus) and Book Launching (Lanai)

                        Pidgin Grammar: An Introduction to the Creole Language of Hawai‘i by Kent Sakoda and Jeff Siegel; and
At Home the Green Remains: Caribbean Writing in Honour of John Figueroa
edited by Esther Figueroa



Friday, August 15


  8.00– 9.00       Breakfast (Lanai)


  9.00–10.00      Plenary 1 (Keoni Auditorium)

                        Kenneth Sumbuk: Current status of Tok Pisin: Its influence on Papua New Guinea languages


10.00–10.30       Break (refreshments on Lanai)


10.30–12.00       Session 4A (Keoni Auditorium): Substrate influence 1 (Chair: Claire Lefebvre)

     10.30–11.00  J. Essegbey & Adrienne Bruyn: The use of ini in Sranan

     11.00–11.30  Jennifer M. Munro: Morpho-syntactic substrate influences in Australian Kriol

     11.30–12.00  Gillian Sankoff: Substrate effects in Tok Pisin modals


10.30–12.00       Session 4B (Sarimanok Room): Applied/Methodological (Chair: Sarah Roberts)

     10.30–11.00  Charles Mann: Anglo-Nigerian Pidgin in the marketplace in urban, northern Nigeria: Use, functions and attitudes

     11.00–11.30  Paul Wexler:: The advantages of a blockage-based etymological dictionary for suspected or proven creole and non-creole relexified languages. (Extrapolating from the Yiddish experience)

     11.30–12.00  Cati Brown & Joe McFall: Computer modeling in pidgin and creole genesis research


10.30–12.00       Session 4C (Kaniela Room): Special session on the use of “language analysis” in assessing asylum applications made by speakers of pidgin and creole languages
(Chair: Edgar Schneider)

     10.30–11.00  Jacques Arends: On the use of ‘language analysis’ in asylum applications made by West Africans in the Netherlands

     11.00–12.00  Chris Corcoran: The role of linguistic expertise in asylum applications: A case study of a Sierra Leonean asylum seeker in the Netherlands (read by Jacques Arends)

     11.30–12.00  Discussants: John V. Singler: The “linguistic” asylum interview: The role of the interviewer and the role of the analyst; Diana Eades: Linguistic Identification":The Australian Perspective (followed by general discussion)


12.00– 6.30       Field trip to Plantation Village and the North Shore



Saturday, August 16


  8.00– 9.00       Registration/Breakfast (Lanai)


  9.00–10.00      Plenary 2 (Keoni Auditorium)

                        Barbara Lalla: Creole dimensions of development in Caribbean literary discourse


10.00–10.30       Break (refreshments on Lanai)


10.30–12.00       Session 5A (Keoni Auditorium)

                        Panel on Pidgin literature in Hawai‘i: “Inscribing the Local: Pidgin as a Literary Project”

                        Speakers: Lisa Lynn Kanae, Susan Schultz, Richard Nettell, Gary Pak


10.30–12.00       Session 5B (Sarimanok Room): Morphosyntax 1 (Chair: Dany Adone)

     10.30–11.00  Chris Collins: A fresh look at habitual be in AAVE (Read by Arthur Bell)

     11.00–11.30  Arthur J. Bell: Bipartite negation, creoles, and UG

     11.30–12.00  John McWhorter: Born yesterday and on the ground running: Saramaccan as complex yet identifiably young


12.00– 2.00       Lunch (Wailana – Ground Floor)


  1.00- 2.00        Readings of stories and poetry in Pidgin by members of Bamboo Ridge (Keoni Auditorium)


  2.00– 3.30       Session 6A (Keoni Auditorium): Colloquium on Creole Literature 1 (Chair: Susanne Mühleisen)

       2.00– 2.30  Ana Deumert: Praatjies and Boerenbrieven - Popular literature as an instrument of normalization and standardization in the history of Afrikaans

       2.30– 3.00  Barbara Lalla: Representation and respect: Creole status and Caribbean literature

       3.00– 3.30  Timo Lothmann: On functional equivalence: some aspects from the Tok Pisin Bible translation


  2.00– 3.30       Session 6B (Sarimanok Room): Acquisition/transmission 1 (Chair: Armin Schwegler)

       2.00– 2.30  Tonjes Veenstra: Head ordering in synthetic compounds: Acquisition processes and grammatical theory

       2.30– 3.00  Sabine Ehrhart: Pidginization and creolization in the general context of language acquisition – what creolists  and acquisitionists can learn from each other

       3.00– 3.30  Stephen Matthews & Virginia Yip: Bilingual first language acquisition and the mechanisms of substrate influence


  2.00– 3.30       Session 6C (Kaniela Room): Morphosyntax 2 (Chair: John Rickford)

       2.00– 2.30  Jorge E. Porras: Temporal frames in narrative  discourse: A comparative analysis of three Afro-Iberian creoles

       2.30– 3.00  Stephanie Durrleman: The articulation of inflection in Jamaican Creole

       3.00– 3.30  Stephanie Hackert: Oral narrative and tense in urban Bahamian Creole English


  3.30– 4.00       Break (refreshments in upstairs corridor)


  4.00– 5.00       Session 7A (Keoni Auditorium): Colloquium on Creole Literature 1 (Chair: Susanne Mühleisen)

       4.00– 4.30  Suzanne Romaine: Orthographic practices in Da Jesus Book. Hawai‘i Pidgin New Testament: How dey wen figga um out?

       4.30– 5.00  Maria Cristina Fumagalli & Peter L Patrick: Oral and literate structures in two Caribbean healing narratives


  4.00– 5.00       Session 7B (Sarimanok Room): Acquisition/transmission 2 (Chair: Jacques Arends)

       4.00– 4.30  Michel DeGraff: “Creolization” is acquisition

       4.30– 5.00  Anthony J. Naro & Maria M.P. Scherre: The concept of irregular linguistic transmission and the structural origins of Brazilian Portuguese


  4.00– 5.00       Session 7C (Kaniela Room): Morphosyntax 3 (Chair: Karl Gadelii)

       4.00– 4.30  Dany Adone: Reduplication in creoles and sign languages

       4.30– 5.00  Valeri Khabirov: Morphological changes in Sango: From the ethnic language to the creolized language.


  7.15– 9.30      Conference dinner (Sunset Lanai, Ocean Terrace Restaurant, Sheraton Waikiki Resort)



Sunday, August 17


  8.00– 9.00       Breakfast (Lanai)


  9.00–12.45      Plenary 3 followed by Colloquium on Derek Bickerton’s Contributions to Creolistics and Related Fields (Keoni Auditorium) (Chair: Gillian Sankoff)


       9.00– 9.40  Plenary 3

                        Derek Bickerton: Refuting the Bioprogram is easy...


       9.40–10.10  Genevieve Escure: Bickerton and lectal dynamics

     10.10–10.40  Salikoko S. Mufwene: The development of creoles in Hawai‘i and the Caribbean:
How similar were the ecologies?


     10.40–11.00  Break (refreshments on Lanai)


     11.00–11.30  John Schumann: Language evolution

     11.30–12.00  John Victor Singler: The Language Bioprogram Hypothesis and history


     12.00–12.20  Reply by Derek Bickerton

     12.20–12.45  General discussion