From: Dr Frank Martinus Arion
President of the Fundashon pa Skol Humanista na Papiamentu
Manhattan weg #6
Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

Kolegio Erasmo: The first school with Papiamentu as the language of instruction

“In 1987 a convinced group of parents, represented by the Fundashon pa Skol Humanista na Papiamentu ‘Foundation for Humanist Schools in Papiamentu’ started the first school in the Netherlands Antilles with Papiamentu as the language of instruction, the Kolegio Erasmo. The school is named after the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus.

In 1997 a four grade high school, Skol Avansá Integrá (SKAI = sky) was added to the six year primary school while currently the school is moving towards a full pre-University High School with General as well as Advanced levels. It has about 500 pupils in total, three hundred in the elementary level and two hundred in SKAI. Passes of the High School are high and promising (82% in 2001; 95.2% in 2002…) compared to the national average score of around 70%.”

The new government coalition that was formed on June 25, 2003 declared in its governing programme its intention to introduce Papiamentu as a language of instruction up till pre-University level, taking thereby the Kolegio Erasmo as a pilot-school.”

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From: Gerry Beimers
66 Bailey Road
Mt Evelyn, VIC 3796

A summary of literature and literacy activities in Solomon Islands Pijin

Bible Translation
The Pijin New Testament was published in 1993. This is the most significant piece of Pijin literature in circulation (in terms of size and some would also say content). The initial print run of 15000 is sold out.

The translation of the Old Testament into Pijin commenced in 1995. Completion of this and a minor revision of the New Testament is anticipated for an early 2005 release of the Bible in Pijin. Various trial editions of sections of the Old Testament are in circulation.

Other literature produced by translation
In 1996 a Sustainable Forestry training manual in Pijin was translated for a project on the island of Isabel.

In 1999 the census questions in the Solomon Islands 1999 National Population census were translated into Pijin as a resource for census enumerators. While the census recording form had English questions, the enumerators were give the questions in Pijin so that there would be quality control of the explanation of the questions to citizens who could not understand English.

In 1999 and 2000 various peace agreements were translated into Pijin. The last of these was the Townsville Peace Agreement in October 2000. This can be viewed by following the links at: <>

In 2001 a booklet of articles in Pijin on themes related to the end of the conflict and restoration of society was published by the Solomon Islands Christian Association Peace Office. Some of the articles were authored in Pijin others were translated from English. Those authored in Pijin were also translated into English. The booklet was published in a bilingual format with columns of Pijin and English side by side.

Literacy primer production, basic reading books and courses continue to be available in various forms. These are being produced and conducted by church groups, Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group and by the Literacy Association of Solomon Islands.

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