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Learning and Growth
Quality of Service
WorkLoad Measures


ITS Indicators

This page presents a diverse set of indicators for tracking internal trends in key areas. Development of these indicators is influenced by the Balanced Scorecard approach to providing an enterprise view of organizational performance, but in a manner tailored to meet the specific needs and capabilities of the University of Hawaii Information Technology Services unit and its stakeholders.

The graphics on this page are intended to show longitudinal trends in each area. You can click on any graphic for an explanation of the indicator and more detailed data.

Learning and Growth

% of Supervisors Engaged in Management Development % of Staff Engaged in Professional Development  

Quality of Service

Network Availability, UH System Network Availability, Manoa Campus Help Desk Response Time
Telecom Request Response Time  

Workload Measures

Email Messages Processed Hits on Hosted Web Pages Network Utilization
IT Enhanced Classes Administrative System Transactions