In March, 1990 University of Hawaii President Albert J. Simone created a new systemwide Council of Directors of Information Technology and, within its charge, asked that group to develop a strategic plan for information technology for the University. The Council solicited input from Executives, Deans, Directors, and Provosts throughout the system on issues and process, and also worked with the Information Technology Advisory Committee.

At an early stage it was clear that a) the work would have to be divided up into subcommittees with a broad range of participation; and b) a draft would have to be submitted for review by the entire university community. Seven subcommittees were established, with representation from all campuses including members of the student, faculty, and staff communities. Each subcommittee developed a brief report highlighting the key issues and recommendations in its area. The chairs of the seven subcommittees then met as a steering committee to synthesize the written and unwritten work of the subcommittees into this draft plan.

The draft plan was submitted for review and comment to the University Executive Council, Dean, Directors, Provosts, faculty senates, and student governments on all campuses. On the Manoa campus the availability of the draft was widely advertised through the University Bulletin and student newspaper. The Information Technology Advisory Committee conducted an open forum to discuss the issues and recommendations.

The draft plan was then modified to incorporate the comments, suggestions, and concerns raised by the University community in response to the early draft. On relatively few issues was there serious difference of opinion with individual people who submitted comments. In those cases this plan reflects the strong beliefs of the Steering Committee and the Council of Directors of Information Technology.

The seven subcommittees and their members were:


Issues relating to providing appropriate access to equipment, networks, and information; e.g. library resources, universal electronic mail for students; bulletin boards; access to databases and documents; student and faculty access to administrative information about themselves; access to institutional information such as directories, calendars, program information, schedules, job openings; access to some level of equipment such as computers and printers in public labs.

Access Chair John Haak, Charles Aoki, Ken Herrick, Stephen Itoga, Stephen Odo, Rod Reynolds, Gary Shibuya, Carol Tenopir, Dan Wedemeyer, Keith Workman.


Providing supercomputer capability; hardware and software for visualization; graphic/publication output support; specialized consulting for vectorization, etc.

Research Chair Gerard Fryer, Dick Chadwick, John Head, Ken Hensarling, John Starkus, Tjet Sun, George Wilkens.


Equipment, support and incentives for faculty to integrate technology into the curriculum; relation to tenure and promotion process; technology required in classrooms; video production capabilities; distance education and technology.

Instruction Chair Mike Pecsok, Mike Albright, Geoff Ashton, Walter Creed, Curtis Ho, Bert Kimura, Shirley Metcalf, Paula Mochida, Hae Okimoto, Mark Slattery, Tom Speitel, Herb Ziegler.


Inter- and intra-campus architectures; cost allocation and/or recovery; network management; access to regional/national/international networks; intrastate and external video connectivity.

Networking Chair Walter Yee, Wyatt Barbee, Jeff Blomberg, Eric Flower, Ralph Freese, Bob Hirata, Dan Ishii, Henry Ito, David Lassner, Steven Ledward, Scott Masuno, Torben Nielsen, Amr Oloufa.


Establishment of "standards" for hardware, software, networking and provision of support in selection, procurement, installation, maintenance, upgrading, training, usage, and integration with centralized facilities/databases.

Support Chair Judy Kautz, Milton Cha, Gary MacMillan, Harry Partika, Dennis Taga, Richard Weiss, Rich Yamane, Russell Yost, Jonathan Yuen.


Optimal organizational structure for information technology; how centralized should funding/support be; what facilities are needed; policy development; human resources problems in information technology support in the university.

Infrastructure Chair David Lassner, Jean Ehrhorn, Mitchel Gomes, Milton Higa, Dan Ishii, Judy Kautz, Gayle Komata, Mike Unebesami, Walter Yee.

Administrative Computing

Single-image access to information; decentralized access to centralized databases; strategic systems; electronic forms processing.

Administrative Computing Chair Drue McGinnes, Sylvia Higashi, Henry Ito, Jan Joyer, Ken Nakahara, Gary Shibuya, Dennis Taga.