Following is a set of strategic objectives, and priority actions intended to achieve each of the objectives. These actions represent a "back-to-basics" approach to strengthening the University's overall information technology infrastructure. Although the priority actions may appear to be largely technological and administrative, they are the specific means to provide the benefits to the University described in the first section of this plan.

The first recommendation, A1, is to merge and integrate key technology support units and establish a Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the University. In the absence of such an individual, the Council of Directors of Information Technology (CODIT) currently serves the President as a de facto CIO in many ways. If the recommended organizational change describe in A1 is rejected, CODIT and the organizations it represents must assume the responsibilities delegated here to the CIO and other means must be found to provide executive leadership for information technology. Bringing key technology support units together would be a giant step toward effective management of the University's resources and implementation of this plan. The remainder of the recommended priority actions should be undertaken through whatever organizational structure is in place.

Organization, Policy, and Planning

Strategic           Effectively  manage the  converging  voice,  data,
Objective A         and  video  technologies along with  academic  and
                    administrative computing.

Action A1           Merge  and  integrate  key  operational  units  to
                    establish a single information technology  support
                    unit  headed by a Chief Information Officer  (CIO)
                    with  responsibility and authority for  systemwide
                    telecommunications,   academic   computing,    and
                    administrative  computing.  This  unit  should  be
                    represented on the University Executive Council.
A1 Responsibility   President, University Executives.
A1 Timeframe        1991

Action A2           Review   and  if  necessary  modify  the  existing
                    technology advisory committee structures to assure
                    that  there  are  appropriate levels  of  faculty,
                    student, executive, and staff input into decision-
                    making    that    affects   academic    computing,
                    administrative computing, and telecommunications.
A2 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, Advisory Committees, Faculty, Students,
                    University Executives.
A2 Timeframe        1992

Action A3           Add   an  information  technology  review  to  the
                    University budget process to provide coordination,
                    prioritization, and technical review.
A3 Responsibility   Budget Office, CIO/CODIT.
A3 Timeframe        Beginning  with  the  1992-93 Supplemental  Budget

Action A4           Develop  or  review  policies  regarding:  network
                    usage; privacy of information; ethical use of data
                    and  computing;  free expression  and  censorship;
                    copyright  issues; software piracy;  internal  and
                    external   networking   and  service   agreements;
                    network   and   computing   resource   management;
                    disaster recovery; principles and policies on cost-
                    sharing, cost-recovery, and charging; and policies
                    on intellectual property ownership, marketing, and
                    technology transfer.
A4 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, Advisory Committees, Faculty, Students,
                    Legal Counsel.
A4 Timeframe        1991-1993

Action A5           Develop  specific college, campus, institute,  and
                    support  unit plans for information technology  to
                    meet user needs, including areas such as computing
                    equipment,  networking, support, instruction,  and
                    research  as  appropriate.  Monitor  and  evaluate
                    performance vis a vis those plans.
A5 Responsibility   Vice  Presidents/Chancellors, CIO/CODIT, Provosts,
                    Deans, Directors.
A5 Timeframe        1992-95

Action A6           Develop  and implement plans for disaster recovery
                    and backup of critical information systems.
A6 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT.
A6 Timeframe        1992-94

Strategic           Provide   reliable,   standardized,  high-quality,
Objective B         high-capacity   telecommunications   systems    to
                    support  the  University's mission of instruction,
                    research, and public service.

Action B1           Complete implementation of the emerging systemwide
                    telecommunications   network   and   provide   for
                    redundancy and disaster recovery plans.
B1 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, Campuses.
B1 Timeframe        1991-94

Action B2           Develop  and  staff a systemwide  network  support
B2 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT.
B2 Timeframe        1991-93

Action B3           Plan and implement telecommunications networks  on
                    each  campus and island to provide end user access
                    to     systemwide    and    national/international
                    resources;   develop   campus   network    support
B3 Responsibility   Campuses, CIO/CODIT.
B3 Timeframe        1991-95

Action B4           Provide   full  systemwide  electronic  mail   and
                    conferencing  capability,  including  connectivity
                    with external networks; provide full access to all
B4 Responsibility   Campuses, CIO/CODIT.
B4 Timeframe        1992-93

Action B5           Provide and support appropriate external data  and
                    video  connectivity  to  link  the  University  of
                    Hawaii  with colleagues and constituents in  Asia,
                    the Pacific, the U.S. mainland, and beyond.
B5 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, Support Units.
B5 Timeframe        1992-94

Space and Facilities
Strategic           To  provide adequate space  and  properly equipped
Objective C         facilities    to    allow  the   integration    of
                    appropriate   technology   throughout   University

Action C1           Review   campus   master  plans   with   attention
                    specifically    directed    toward     information
                    technology impacts on buildings and facilities. On
                    some campuses, such as Manoa, give priority to the
                    development  of  a facility designed  specifically
                    for  technology support that provides adequate and
                    congenial space for student and faculty access  to
                    technology,   appropriate   levels   of   security
                    (physical and from natural phenomena) for critical
                    systems, and staff support.
C1 Responsibility   Campuses, Support Units, CIO/CODIT.
C1 Timeframe        1992-97

Action C2           Develop minimum classroom standards to support the
                    use  of technology, and systematically apply these
                    standards  in  all renovation and new construction
C2 Responsibility   Campuses, Campus Support Units, Faculty, Students,
C2 Timeframe        1992-97

Human Resources
Strategic           Develop  and support  a University  community that
Objective D         uses  technology  appropriately, effectively,  and

Action D1           Hire  more support personnel, at both the  college
                    and   system   levels,  to  help  the   university
                    community  make  effective use  of  technology  in
                    their  jobs.  These  staff must provide  training,
                    support,  maintenance, and development  assistance
                    to students, faculty, and staff. The support staff
                    themselves   must  be  supported   with   training
                    opportunities to ensure their ability  to  aid  in
                    the   use   of   emerging   and   state-of-the-art
D1 Responsibility   Campuses, CIO/CODIT, Deans, Directors, Executives.
D1 Timeframe        1992-97

Action D2           Continue  to  review  technology-related  position
                    descriptions  and salaries with  a  commitment  to
                    establishing  new classifications as necessary  to
                    describe  the  kinds  of work done  by  technology
                    professionals  today, to provide  flexibility  for
                    individuals   with  varied  responsibilities,   to
                    establish  dual-track classifications  that  allow
                    advancement  in both the technical and  management
                    directions,  and to assure that the salaries  paid
                    at the University are adequate.
D2 Responsibility   Personnel     Management    Office,     CIO/CODIT,
D2 Timeframe        1992-94

Action D3           Review   clerical   and   other   staff   position
                    descriptions  and  pay  scales  to  recognize  the
                    increasingly  important  role  that  clerical  and
                    other  staff  must  play in  using  and  promoting
                    technology at the departmental level.
D3 Responsibility   Personnel     Management    Office,     CIO/CODIT,
D3 Timeframe        1993-95

Action D4           Implement  a  full  range of  training  and  human
                    resource   development   programs   for   faculty,
                    students,    and   staff,   including   technology
                    professionals,  to  allow  all  members   of   the
                    university  community  to  plan  for  and  utilize
                    information technology appropriately.
D4 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, Personnel Management Office.
D4 Timeframe        1992-94

Access to Computer and Information Resources
Strategic           Provide  the University community with appropriate
Objective E         access   to   computing   and   telecommunications

Action E1           Provide  space,  support, and ongoing  funding  to
                    support public access labs at the campus, college,
                    and  even  department level, with modern equipment
                    suitable   for   supporting   students'   academic
E1 Responsibility   Campuses, CIO/CODIT.
E1 Timeframe        1992-97

Action E2           Develop  a  systemwide  information  system   that
                    provides  a  wide range of University  information
                    online,   such   as   job   openings,   University
                    calendars,   course  schedules,  current   events,
                    athletic schedules and ticket information,  campus
                    bulletins,  and  student  and  staff  directories.
                    Access to this information must be integrated with
                    functions  such  as  library information  systems,
                    electronic  mail,  bulletin  boards,   access   to
                    administrative  information about  oneself,  full-
                    text     databases,    departmental    information
                    resources,   image   and  multi-media   databases,
                    numeric     databases,    national     information
                    directories, remote document request and  delivery
                    services, and knowledge management tools.
E2 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT,   Libraries,   University   Information
E2 Timeframe        1992-94

Action E3           Identify  key hardware and software platforms  and
                    develop  standards  for  providing  the  necessary
                    support   throughout  the  University,   such   as
                    negotiating  site licenses, entering  into  volume
                    purchase  agreements, providing  maintenance,  and
                    offering specialized training.
E3 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, Advisory Committees, Faculty, Students,
E3 Timeframe        1992-93

Action E4           Develop   ways  to  streamline  and  improve   the
                    institutional   purchase   and   maintenance    of
                    computers and telecommunications technology. Full-
                    service support should be available to departments
                    to  help  them  select,  configure,  and  purchase
                    equipment at the best possible prices on a  timely
E4 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT,  Procurement  and  Property  Management
E4 Timeframe        1992-94

Action E5           Develop and maintain a database of who owns, uses,
                    has  site  licenses  for, and is  responsible  for
                    different varieties of technologies.
E5 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, Advisory Committees.
E5 Timeframe        1992-93

Instructional Support
Strategic           Use   technology  to   extend   the   University's
Objective F         instructional activities throughout the State  and
                    improve  the  quality of instruction and  advising
                    delivered to students both on and off campus.

Action F1           Develop  facilities, technical,  and  professional
                    support on all campuses to facilitate the  use  of
                    media in instruction, including traditional audio-
                    visual,  video, computer, telecommunications,  and
                    multimedia services.
F1 Responsibility   Campuses, CIO/CODIT.
F1 Timeframe        1993-97

Action F2           Include   in  the  promotion  and  tenure  process
                    recognition  and  rewards for faculty  efforts  to
                    improve  the  quality  and  range  of  instruction
                    through the use of information technologies.
F2 Responsibility   Council of Senior Executives, Faculty.
F2 Timeframe        1992-94

Action F3           Develop   demonstration  centers   on   University
                    campuses to show faculty the range of applications
                    of technology in instruction and to facilitate the
                    systemwide  sharing of developments,  discoveries,
                    and  experience. These centers should be supported
                    by donations from manufacturers and vendors to the
                    greatest extent possible.
F3 Responsibility   Campuses, CIO/CODIT.
F3 Timeframe        1992-94

Action F4           Develop  policies  that  address  crucial   issues
                    relating  to instructional technology and distance
                    education,  such  as: ownership  of  instructional
                    materials  developed; workload  and  compensation;
                    responsibility for funding and providing  academic
                    support   services;  responsibility  for   funding
                    technical   support;   determination   of    which
                    instructional  programs are  to  be  delivered  at
                    which  locations  through  which  techniques;  and
                    accreditation    of   self-paced,   individualized
F4 Responsibility   Council  of Senior Executives, Office of  Planning
                    and   Policy,  Campuses,  Extension  and  Outreach
                    Offices, Faculty, Unions.
F4 Timeframe        1992-94

Research Support
Strategic           Provide  University researchers   with  access  to
Objective G         state-of-the-art  technology  tools  and   support
                    their use.

Action G1           Provide access to supercomputing and visualization
                    resources at low costs to facilitate the  adoption
                    of   these  technologies  as  a  routine  tool  in
G1 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, VP for Research and Graduate Education,
                    Advisory Committees, Faculty.
G1 Timeframe        1992-93

Action G2           Develop   technical  support  resources   to   aid
                    researchers    in   the   use   of    workstation,
                    supercomputing,   visualization,  parallelization,
                    and emerging research technologies.
G2 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, VP for Research and Graduate Education.
G2 Timeframe        1993-97

Administrative Computing
Strategic           Provide  the  university  community  with  timely,
Objective H         integrated   access  to  accurate   administrative
                    information and streamlined processing.

Action H1           Develop    policies    that   clearly    delineate
                    responsibility  for administrative  computing  and
                    ownership of, management of, custodianship of, and
                    access to institutional data.
H1 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT, University Executive Council, Office of
                    Planning and Policy, Advisory Committees.
H1 Timeframe        1991-92

Action H2           Develop    accessible,   accurate,   and    secure
                    systemwide   databases   with   systemwide    data
                    dictionaries   for   major   applications    while
                    preserving    the   autonomy   of    campus-unique
H2 Responsibility   CIO/CODIT,    Institutional    Research    Office,
H2 Timeframe        1992-95

Action H3           Deliver  student,  fiscal,  human  resources,  and
                    budget   information  systems  that  provide   the
                    University  community  with  distributed,  timely,
                    convenient access to required information.
H3 Responsibility   University Executives, CIO/CODIT, Campuses.
H3 Timeframe        1992-96

Action H4           Integrate administrative information systems  with
                    on-line   forms   processing   (Purchase   Orders,
                    Requisitions, Personnel 5-B) for more correct  and
                    responsive transaction processing.
H4 Responsibility   University Executive Council, CIO/CODIT, Campuses.
H4 Timeframe        1993-97

Public Service
Strategic           Utilize information technology as a means to serve
Objective I         the citizenry of Hawaii.

Action I1           Develop    policies   and   guidelines   regarding
                    appropriate  services  to  be  provided   by   the
                    University  and any necessary chargeback  and  fee
I1 Responsibility   Office   of   Technology  Transfer  and   Economic
                    Development,   Library,   CIO/CODIT,    University
                    Relations, Extension Offices.
I1 Timeframe        1991-95

Action I2           Make  existing  University  information  resources
                    available  to the public as appropriate, according
                    to established policies and guidelines.
I2 Responsibility   Office   of   Technology  Transfer  and   Economic
                    Development,   Library,   CIO/CODIT,    University
                    Relations, Extension Offices.
I2 Timeframe        1991-95

Action I3           Develop  appropriate information services for  the
                    public  and private sector and support the State's
                    efforts     in     economic    development     and
I3 Responsibility   Office   of   Technology  Transfer  and   Economic
                    Development,   Library,   CIO/CODIT,    University
                    Relations, Extension Offices.
I3 Timeframe        1991-95