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E. Aparicio photoElizabeth Aparicio, PhD - Distance Education

Research Area - Teen pregnancy and parenting, mental health, early childhood intervention, child maltreatment
Robin G. Arndt, MSW, LSW - Distance Education

Research Area - Use of technology in practice and education; adult education and continuing professional development/competency; bench to bedside translational research; professional values and ethics; social work practice with the LGBTQI community; social work practice with children and families; mental and behavioral health; reflective practice; leadership, management, and administration; and interdisciplinary collaboration
K. Bennett PhotoKatie Bennett, MSW, JD

Research Area - Child Welfare Policy and Law, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Dynamics in Divorce and Separation Transition
K. Braun PhotoKathryn L. Braun, DrPH, CHES

Research Area - Gerontology, Developing and Testing Interventions, Participatory Research
C. Browne PhotoColette Browne, DrPH

Research Area - Gerontology, Diversity and Aging, Aging and Social Policy, Women and Aging
M. DeMattos PhotoMichael DeMattos, MSW - BSW Program Chair

Research Area - Teens & Their Families, Substance Abuse, Best Practice
Meripa Godinet, PhD - MSW Program Chair

Research Area - Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Social and Adjustment Issues of Pacific Islander Adolescents, Multi-Culture and Cross-Cultural Issues
Photo Jing GuoJing Guo, PhD

Research Area - Comparative family policy, Work, family and Gender, Migration and child education, Asian Americans, Immigrants and child welfare, Social policy and social services in China

Seunghye HongSeunghye Hong, MA, PhD

Research Area - Neighborhood Contexts, Immigration, Mental Health, Community-Based Practice, and Research Methodology

L. Kaopua PhotoLana Kaʻopua, PhD, ACSW

Research Area - Cancer and Health Disparities, Native Hawaiian Health/Mental Health Issues, Spirituality and Social Work, Health Services Programs in Micronesia [the US Associated Island Nations]
Bum Jung Kim, Ph.D.

Research Area - Gerontology, Aging and mental health, Population aging and immigration policy, Adult day health care for older immigrants, Social policy in long-term care, Respect for elderly clients in the social work setting, International social work
Jaclyn KimJaclyn Kanilehua Kim, MSW, LSW

Research Area - Indigenous Evaluation & Research Methodologies, Native Hawaiian Culturally Based Intervention & Practice Methods, Native Hawaiian Holistic Health and Well-being
J. Kishida PhotoJennifer Kishida, MEd - PhD and MSW Program Specialist

Kreif PhotoTheresa Kreif, MSW, LSW - Assistant to the Dean

Research Area - Community Development, Social and Economic Development, International Social Work
C. Langworthy PhotoChristine Langworthy, MSW, LSW

Research Area - Gerontology, Mental Health
R. Matayoshi PhotoRon Matayoshi, MSW - Director of International Programs

Research Area - Aging, Public Administration, Planning
N. Mokuau PhotoNoreen Mokuau, DSW - Dean

Research Area - Asian/Pacific Islander Health Issues, Women's Issues
P. Morelli PhotoPaula T. Araullo Tanemura Morelli, PhD - PhD Program Chair

Research Area - Behavioral Mental Health, Strengths Enhancing Evaluation Research, Qualitative Research Methodology
S Nakaoka PhotoSusan Nakaoka, MA, MSW, PhD - Distance Education

Research Area - Critical Race Theory and Social Work Practice, Race and Community Development, Affordable Housing, Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities, Japanese American History.
M. Ono PhotoMari Ono, MSW, LSW - Director of Student Services

Research Area - Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Cross Cultural Practice
P. Paul PhotoLaura Puakina Paul, MSW - Ohana Ho`oikaika Project

Research Area - Child and Adolescent Mental Health
stotzer pic smallRebecca Stotzer, PhD - Director of Distance Education

Research Area - Hate Crimes, Violence, Sexuality and Gender Identity, Prejudice and Stereotypes, Oppression and Discrimination, Intergroup Conflict
J. Sur PhotoJill Sur, MSW - Distance Education

Research Area - Child welfare, Social work in educational settings, Substance abuse.
A. Sutherlinr PhotoAimee BC Sutherlin, MSW

Research Area - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Welfare, Child Abuse Prevention, Issues facing oppressed, marginalized, and differently-abled populations.
Tarutani  Photo smCheri Tarutani, MSW - Distance Education

Research Area - Forensic Social Work, Specialty Courts


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