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E. Aparicio photoElizabeth Aparicio, PhD - Distance Education

Research Area - Teen pregnancy and parenting, mental health, early childhood intervention, child maltreatment
Robin G. Arndt, MSW, LSW - Distance Education

Research Area - Use of technology in practice and education; adult education and continuing professional development/competency; bench to bedside translational research; professional values and ethics; social work practice with the LGBTQI community; social work practice with children and families; mental and behavioral health; reflective practice; leadership, management, and administration; and interdisciplinary collaboration
K. Bennett PhotoKatie Bennett, MSW, JD

Research Area - Child Welfare Policy and Law, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Dynamics in Divorce and Separation Transition
K. Braun PhotoKathryn L. Braun, DrPH, CHES

Research Area - Gerontology, Developing and Testing Interventions, Participatory Research
C. Browne PhotoColette Browne, DrPH

Research Area - Gerontology, Diversity and Aging, Aging and Social Policy, Women and Aging
B. Coyne PhotoBarry Coyne, PhD

Research Area - Sex Offender Treatment, Forensic Social Work, Psychometrics
M. DeMattos PhotoMichael DeMattos, MSW - BSW Program Chair

Research Area - Teens & Their Families, Substance Abuse, Best Practice
Meripa Godinet, PhD - MSW Program Chair

Research Area - Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Social and Adjustment Issues of Pacific Islander Adolescents, Multi-Culture and Cross-Cultural Issues
Photo Jing GuoJing Guo, PhD

Research Area - Social Welfare Policy, Child and Family Issues, International and Comparative Social Welfare

Seunghye HongSeunghye Hong, MA, PhD

Research Area - Neighborhood Contexts, Immigration, Mental Health, Community-Based Practice, and Research Methodology

L. Kaopua PhotoLana Kaʻopua, PhD, ACSW

Research Area - Cancer and Health Disparities, Native Hawaiian Health/Mental Health Issues, Spirituality and Social Work, Health Services Programs in Micronesia [the US Associated Island Nations]
Bum Jung Kim, Ph.D.

Research Area - Gerontology, Aging and mental health, Population aging and immigration policy, Adult day health care for older immigrants, Social policy in long-term care, Respect for elderly clients in the social work setting, International social work
Jaclyn KimJaclyn Kanilehua Kim, MSW, LSW

Research Area - Indigenous Evaluation & Research Methodologies, Native Hawaiian Culturally Based Intervention & Practice Methods, Native Hawaiian Holistic Health and Well-being
J. Kishida PhotoJennifer Kishida, MEd - PhD and MSW Program Specialist

Kreif PhotoTheresa Kreif, MSW, LSW - Assistant to the Dean

Research Area - Community Development, Social and Economic Development, International Social Work
C. Langworthy PhotoChristine Langworthy, MSW, LSW

Research Area - Gerontology, Mental Health
R. Matayoshi PhotoRon Matayoshi, MSW - Director of International Programs

Research Area - Aging, Public Administration, Planning
N. Mokuau PhotoNoreen Mokuau, DSW - Dean

Research Area - Asian/Pacific Islander Health Issues, Women's Issues
P. Morelli PhotoPaula T. Araullo Tanemura Morelli, PhD - PhD Program Chair

Research Area - Behavioral Mental Health, Strengths Enhancing Evaluation Research, Qualitative Research Methodology
S Nakaoka PhotoSusan Nakaoka, MA, MSW, PhD - Distance Education

Research Area - Critical Race Theory and Social Work Practice, Race and Community Development, Affordable Housing, Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities, Japanese American History.
M. Ono PhotoMari Ono, MSW, LSW - Director of Student Services

Research Area - Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Cross Cultural Practice
P. Paul PhotoLaura Puakina Paul, MSW - Ohana Ho`oikaika Project

Research Area - Child and Adolescent Mental Health
stotzer pic smallRebecca Stotzer, PhD - Director of Distance Education

Research Area - Hate Crimes, Violence, Sexuality and Gender Identity, Prejudice and Stereotypes, Oppression and Discrimination, Intergroup Conflict
J. Sur PhotoJill Sur, MSW - Distance Education

Research Area - Child welfare, Social work in educational settings, Substance abuse.
A. Sutherlinr PhotoAimee BC Sutherlin, MSW

Research Area - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Welfare, Child Abuse Prevention, Issues facing oppressed, marginalized, and differently-abled populations.
Tarutani  Photo smCheri Tarutani, MSW - Distance Education

Research Area - Forensic Social Work, Specialty Courts


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