SSW Offices

Office of the Dean
N. Mokuau PhotoNoreen Mokuau, D.S.W. Dean and Professor
T. Kreif PhotoTheresa Kreif, MSW, LSW Assistant to the Dean
M. Ono PhotoMari Ono, MSW, LSW Director of Student Services
B. Todd PictureBernardette Todd Secretary to the Dean
K. Fujikawa PhotoKeith Fujikawa Fiscal Officer

Program Chairs - Directors
P. Morelli PhotoPaula Morelli, PhD PhD Program Chair
 Photo M. GodinetMeripa Godinet, PhD MSW Program Chair
M. DeMattos PhotoMichael DeMattos, MSW BSW Program Chair
 Photo R. StotzerRebecca Stotzer, PhD Director of Distance Education

Program Assistance
J. Kishida PhotoJennifer Kishida, MEd PhD and MSW Program Specialist