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PhD Courses

SW 731 Social Policy Analysis (3)

Students pursue in-depth a specific topic in the areas of social planning, social policy analysis, evaluation of social programs, administration, supervision, and consultation. Selectively a comparative perspective is introduced and case studies used to illustrate concepts, principles, and techniques, with implications for practice. Meets seminar requirement. Pre: 630 or consent.

SW 750 Analysis and Development of Knowledge for Social Work (3)

Focuses on developing an understanding of philosophy of science, theory development, social work epistemology, and the analysis and development of knowledge for social work practice. Pre: PhD candidate in social welfare or consent.

SW 751 Research Design and Cross-Cultural Applications (3)

Empirical research methodology with emphasis on design principles and measurement theory; design and measurement issues and problems in cross-cultural research. Pre: PhD candidate in social welfare or consent.

SW 752 Qualitative Research: Philosophical, Methodological and Analytic Approaches (3)

Theories and methods of qualitative research; problem formulation, informant selection, study design, data collection and analysis utilizing qualitative approaches. Repeatable 3 times. A-F only. Pre: 640 or 651 or equivalent; departmental approval.

SW 755 Specialization Integration Seminar (3)

Culminating experience in social welfare doctoral specialization; integration of PhD core and specialization course work. Pre: classified student in PhD in social welfare program or consent.

SW 800 Dissertation Research (V)

Repeatable once.