Practicum - BSW: Selection of Settings and Instructors for Field Placement

Agency Selection Criteria

Only School approved sites will be used for field practicum. To insure quality field practicum education for all students, the Practicum Office shall assess and approve those agencies under the following requirements:

  1. Reflects the value and ethics of the profession of social work in its philosophy of service.

  2. Allows for evaluation of its Field Supervisors and site by practicum student and field advisor.

  3. Provides qualified field instruction for the student by the nomination of MSW social workers who will service as Field Supervisors subject to the approval of the School.

  4. Submits documentation of the professional and academic credentials of Field Supervisors who will be responsible for the field practicum in their agency.

  5. Notifies the School of any changes(s) or proposed change(s) in the field practicum, including changes in instructional personnel.

  6. Treats all student background information whether provided by the School or by the student as confidential material. All records provided to the agency by the school shall be returned to the school following the completion of the student’s field practicum experience.

  7. Provides students with opportunities to participate in the overall agency program and activities as appropriate to educational needs and practice competency.

  8. Assures that each Field Supervisors has adequate time within his or her work schedule to:

    1. Meet the educational needs of the student with a minimum of one hour of direct educational supervision for each 16 hours of student practicum. This includes orientation to the agency and its services, development of learning opportunities, which include depth and variety, and preparation for weekly student conferences.

    2. Meet with the Practicum Office at periodic intervals to discuss learning opportunities and student performance.

    3. Attend appropriate school sponsored meetings and seminars;

    4. Prepare evaluation reports as required by the School.

  9. Permit use of its facilities by students during the period of placement, including:

    1. Adequate working space and supplies within the prevailing standards and resources of the setting.

    2. Access to client and agency records appropriate for students’ learning.

    3. Access to a telephone for fieldwork purposes.

  10. Provide for reimbursement of approved travel required of students on behalf of the client.

  11. Agency’s policies permit a Memorandum of Agreement with the School.

Field Supervisors Selection Criteria

To insure quality field practicum education for all students, the Practicum Office shall assess and approve Field Supervisors under the following requirements. Only School approved Field Supervisors will be used for field practicum.

General Requirements

  1. Possesses a MSW degree from a CSWE accredited School of Social Work.

  2. Has two years subsequent satisfactory work experience in a social welfare agency, institution, or similar setting.

  3. Has a commitment to the profession of social work and social work education.

  4. Has experience in supervision or a demonstrated ability for teaching.

Specific certification requirements:

  1. Is willing to participate in a New Field Supervisor Orientation and other Practicum Instructor workshops as scheduled.

  2. Has an interest in and commitment to the professional growth and development of students.

  3. Has the ability to work with students of varying personal and academic backgrounds in a student-instructor/supervisor relationship.

  4. Has the willingness to utilize School practice course syllabi to facilitate integration of theory and practice.

  5. Has the ability to encourage student learning and plan educational content and experiences commensurate with students’ educational needs and capabilities.

  6. Has the commitment to evaluate students in an objective and professional manner.

  7. Has the ability to develop a positive professional relationship with her students.

  8. Is willing to use oneself as a role model in situations of direct observation by the student.

  9. Has a commitment to spend a minimum of one hour of educational supervision for each 16 hours a student spends in practicum.

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