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A modern approach to reliable problem solving across the curriculum.

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Students Students will enjoy solving word problems easily and dependably. They will become happy campers in the forest of problem solving.
Teachers Teachers will gain the advantage of a logical, consistent approach to problem solving that applies across the curriculum and at all grade levels.
Administrators Administrators will gain a cost-effective approach to curriculum development related to problem solving. The method is applicable across the curriculum and at all grade levels for subjects that use mathematics for problem solving.
Parents Parents are a critical component of the educational process. Word Problems, also known as Story Problems, are an essential part of learning to use mathematics effectively. Sound problem solving methods make this possible.
Others Other professionals will have available a convenient, everyday approach for solving problems readily and reliably. Publishers of textbooks and supporting material can modernize their material on problem solving.
about These Web pages provide examples of problems solved using reliable problem solving methods, discussion of the principles of reliable problem solving and an evolving encyclopedia of solved problems in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The main focus is on pre-college algebra.
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