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Free copy of SureMath for creative individuals

To support your efforts in developing educational materials related to modern problem solving the publisher of SureMath has made available a limited number of copies of SureMath for individuals developing products such as those listed on the previous page.
Note that SureMath is a Macintosh-only product at the present time. Those who do not have a Macintosh available can acquire a Mac Classic, SE, LC or similar Macintosh at low cost, or no cost. Several sites provide information and sources.
Resources For The Older Macintosh
Old Macs on the Internet

At EBAY you can bid on available equipment. For example typing se/30 in the search box will lead you to an extensive list of SE/30's. Due diligence in using any auction web site is recommended.

At Mac Auction you can bid on available Mac equipment. Due diligence in using any auction web site is recommended.

SureMath Publishing, Inc. has obtained used computers from Computer Recylers in Cincinnati for the purposes stated above. Send e-mail to John Swartz for information.

Such an acquisition provides convenient means of achieving the advantages of using SureMath. Some have set up several such Macintoshes to easily establish a simple-to-use problem solving center in their computer lab. In this way you can provide computers for 12 students for the cost of 1 machine with unused power. Those seriously concerned with education choose this 12 for the cost of one approach.

For use at home you can do word processing, email etc as well as SureMath, that is school work, and relieve the demand on your expensive computer that is hogged by surfing, games and so forth. All this for $100 or so. The sensible thing to do.

Of course, with the iMac now available there is no reason for not having the ease of use available with a Macintosh for your second (third, fourth) computer.

Send a one-page description of the educational product you are developing, your credentials and your supporting environment to

Howard C. McAllister
Director of Product Development
SureMath Publishing, Inc.
1900 Virginia Ave. #101.
Fort Myers, 33901-3332

A copy of SureMath will be mailed to you.

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