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Frequently asked questions
about problem solving.

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What do others say about this site?

Show me how to solve all problems.

Why can't students solve problems?

Show me how the steps in a problem solution are developed .

Tell me something about backwards problem solving.

What is this thing called The Problem Solving Process ?

What can I do about the I can't solve word problems syndrome?

Where can I obtain practice in solving algebra word problems?

Where can I obtain practice is solving physics problems?

I'm a Windows user. How to I obtain the advantages of SureMath?

Is there problem solving instruction on this site?

Show me problems appropriate for younger children.

What is the main thing I need to know about problem solving?

Why is " Do not try to understand the problem " the main thing?

How does one advance from arithmetic to algebra?

How do I start a problem solution?

Are there different ways to solve a problem?

What does a problem solution look like?

Show me the recommendations of NCTM?

What is a problem?

Where do I find discussion and references for problem solving theory and research?

How can I contribute to education?

What is Problem Based Learning (PBL)?

Are lesson plans available?

Is there manipulatives/interactive-engagement material?

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