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Elysia Quintanilla
8th grade student, Conroe, TX

I think that this website is great for any age and it has helped me through so much hard work. Without it i could not survive school!!! Thank you.

Karen Robinson

This is great stuff. I believe your problem solving techniques can help students of all ages, and some adults too. Keep up the good work. You really break each step down and therefore, it becomes a good visual aid when solving the problems and answering the questions. I will recommend this site to others.

Marcelo Cartaciano
Student, Mangilao, Guam

Since, I discovered your web site and used all the techniques for my math class. My grades and concepts of mathematics improved 120%. Thank you!!!

Jean Bufford

I would just like to say thanks for creating this great site. It has help me and my children learn a lot. I really understand algebra now .

Ben Cheah
Student, Westborough Middle School, South San Francisco, California

VERY awesome site. It has helped me get out of various tight spots on my homework. If I had not found this site I would be failing math.

Cathy Addison
7th & 8th grade mathematics teacher. Mineral Wells Junior High

This site is absolutely incredible!! I can't believe how much information you offer. Your explanations are very clear. There is so much here I have only started to check things out! I especially agree with your philosophy on setting up solving problems algebraically to reduce the fear of algebra problems. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks so much.

Martha Burbage
University of Memphis, Instructor

I am conducting research on sites on the Internet that related & are useable in education. This site is soooooooooo wonderful. I have bookmarked it to take a closer look when I have more time. Greeting from Memphis, Tennessee.

Bob Littleton
Parent, Tampa,Fl

This site has helped my 8th grader do very well in her math/algebra at school. Thank you.

Elliot Hunter

I was born too early! If this site had existed in 1957 when I first studied algebra, it would have made a very significant difference. Thank you for providing this site. Learning should be a lifetime sport!

Jenny Thompson
Wolverhampton, England
Thanks for your ideas - the kids in my classes love to have your interesting puzzles and problems and it saves me a lot of time and effort being able to use your site.

Jant C. Read
University of Central Lancashire, England
A very welcome site - I teach Problem Solving to first year undergraduates who have very basic algebra skills. The indented style is very helpful as it relates to the programming work which we move onto after mathematical problem solving.

Calvin Kalman
Professor, Department of Physics, Concordia University
I believe the world expert on problem solving is Howard C.McAllister. He and I have discussed problem solving at length.

Editor note: The URL of the web material is http://www.hawaii.edu/suremath/home.html

Sylvia A. Yeats
Special Education Teacher - Algebra Resource
I like the fact that it breaks it down into steps that can easily be followed by a learning disabled student. Thanks.

Beckie Andree
I really like this page, I was having trouble in Algebra, but not any more. Thanx!

Linda Baskey
I loved your analysis of how people aren't aware of the "process" of problem solving. I clearly remember in 7th grade, explaining to the teacher that the answer "just popped into my head." Even in Algebra, I was OK with that--since I'd figure out the answer, then backtrack to write a formula (which is what they wanted, anyway). As the level of complexity increased, however, I was dead in the water.

I think you should get some sort of award for trying to fix this. And, I guess, what really bothers me is that this dilemma has been virtually ignored for a very long time. I, for one, have gone through a goodly part of my life, believing I was stupid for not being proficient in this area. Living with a mathematician doesn't do much for the ego either. Thanks again Linda Baskey

Gladys Malayang
President, Christian School International, Philippines
You have a helpful and insightful website. Thank you so much for tackling the common barriers of students to solve word problems. The inability of students to solve word problems is the same here in the Philippines.

Aimee Gareis
Homeschooling student
I just wanted to drop a note to tell you what a great job you are doing. As a 15 year old homeschooling student, I have been struggling with Algebra since 8th grade. I was always getting more problems wrong than right, and the answer key provided only the correct answer and no clues as to where I was going wrong. Your site's step-by-step solutions and questions with arithmatic so simple that I can just focus on the actual processes of algebra have helped me loose some of my "wild crazed desparte" feeling about math. I am looking forward to the time when I can approach an algebra or calculus problem with as much calm and confidence as I do an essay! Thanks again! Aimee Gareis

Sara Robucci
Frostburg State University
This site is so complete and up to date. It's nice to have spots on the internet that you can depend on. I use this site for writing lessons, finding articles, and developing problems of the week. Thank you for all the help.

Jack Fenner
Professor. University of Cincinnati
It is a wonderful thing to have such research available to teachers.

Mark Wilson
Student. Aedmond, OK
Where has this information been before. Finally a way to figure out word problems. I'll come again.

Jesus M. Goiri
Engineer. Bilbao Bizkaia,Spain
This is the type of page that makes the net worthwhile and it's usage a good experience for students and parents. Keep going.

Glenn Hamamura .
Honolulu, Hawaii
Your methods and your site are a valuable resource for anyone interested in solving problems.

Geary Bish
Engineer. Waldorf, MD
Visiting this site should be mandatory for all school age kids. It makes algebra interesting and fun.

Mark Janney
Senior Development Staff Member, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN
I found your page while doing a search on Creativity. I was referred from a page called Decker Walker's Bookmarks http://www-star.stanford.edu/~mikej/mom.html which is an eclectic gathering of web site references many having to do with resources for educators. I appreciate your logical approach to problem solving. Many of the courses I took in engineering and graduate school would have been much easier to get through had I been familiar with this technique.

Sonia Pagan
High School Math teacher, Isabela, Puerto Rico
This is the best tool I have ever found regarding problem solving. Keep on the good work.

Susan Powell
Student at George Mason University
I chanced upon SureMath when looking for software to review for one of my M.Ed. classes. When I first went through some of the problems it was very frustrating because I wanted to plug in numbers right away. After doing a couple of problems understood the potential that this program has for teaching students how to dissect problems without getting overwhelmed.

Robyn Covino
5th Grade Teacher at Big Cypress Elementary School, Naples, FL
The coverage of problem solving is magnificent. All areas of concern were addressed. Thank you for sharing this information.

Gregory Willis
Classroom Teacher, Aviano, Italy
I think this is a great site.

Genaro Acuna
I will use this site frequently as I did not do well in math in high school and college. I have children in elementary through high school. I want them to succeed in math unlike how I did. It gives me a freshened feeling to know that I can learn again because of your hard work in providing the opportunity for someone like myself to try it again by learning at my own pace. I thank you.

Norm Michener
Rochester Secondary College, Australia
A very impressive site. I will be making use of it with my Year 9 students tomorrow. Thank you.

Roy Killen
University of Newcastl, Australia
Excellent information on problem solving. I will find it a valuable resource in the teacher education program in which I lecture. Thanks.

Johanne Hannan
Math Teacher. Saint John, Canada
This is a great site. I have spent two days in here and still have a great deal to look at. Unlike at many other sites I am finding all the material here very useful. Thanks.

Matthew R. Keating
Math Teacher & LAN Manager, St. Thomas Choir School, New York, NY
Great problems.....or exercises, I should say. It's only a problem if we can't solve it and this web page should help more math-phobics allay their fears. It's all about thinking.

Heidi Habhegger
Chemistry Teacher, Brooke Point High School, Stafford, VA
Very excellent approach and well presented for students and educators. I will encourage my students to use this web site and download other related material. I will be using this in both ap and cp chemistry as a helpful way to begin students on the right road. I do require students to write everything down, but it is the more capable ap students that have a hard time writing everything down and they do become frustrated in showing all their work especially on trivial type problems typically done early on in the curriculum. Thank you for providing this website. Editor's Note: The tragedy is that capable students have so much to gain by developing sound problem solving skills.

Alex Hakkinen
Student, Lawrence Middle School, Lawrenceville, NJ
This is a really helpful site. I find it to be very interesting as well as quite useful.

Marjorie Friday
8th grade math teacher, Brooklyn, New York
I am very impressed with your web site. I especially like the Algebra problems. Will definitely tell my colleagues about you. Keep up the great work.

Shauna Greenwood
Mathematics Teacher, Ontario, Canada
An invaluable intriguing and inspiring site. A MUST SEE for all problem solvers.

Nellie Baumgarten
Mathematics Teacher, Key West, Fl
I am intrigued.

Douglas McCabe
Senior Educational Development Officer
Educational Development Unit Hong Kong Polytechnic University
This is an extremely valuable Web resource for teachers and I will place a link to it on our Educational Development Resource Centre web site.

Rahim Muhammad
This is the most valuable tool that I have contacted on the NET. Thank you. You are providing a great support to me personally. A priceless service to a better future for the world.

John MacDonald
Teacher, researcher. Ontario, Canada
Bravo! an excellent resource for high school mathematics teachers. I will spread the word around and hotlink your site into my boards site for high school teachers. Keep up the good work.

Allan Vitale
Gilroy Santa Maria College, Australia
Great resource. Keep up the good work

Beulah J. Clark
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Baton Rouge, LA
I have been searching for material like this you have presented. You have answered many of my questions. Thank you for this work.

Anne Sturgess
Academic Support Teacher, West Auckland, New Zealand
It was great to find such an interesting resource. Thanks.

Paul Michna
Mount St. Bernard College, Australia
Delighted to see a teachers site that includes solutions - effectively doubling the value of the resource by freeing teachers to concentrate on producing quality lessons .

Dave Keely
Sixth Grade Math Teacher. Norwalk, IA
I love your entire web site. Not only the teacher information but all the story problems and ideas. Keep the good work.

Rick Brewer
Member HTML Writers Guild. Plano, TX
I heard about your site this morning and have just been going through all the materials available. I want to give you a BIG congratulations for an outstanding site and an outstanding service. My kids will be on tonight! I heard about your site from an HTML Writers Guild emailing.

Unfortunately, most educational materials seem to really be lacking creativity and serious thought into the presentation. Your site appears to accomplish both! It is VERY easy to move through, the site responds quickly (I did not use frames), and the materials (especially the problem-solving techniques) are great.

Theodora Saunders
Retired Electrical, Engineer Arlington, Tx
I can't wait to share the discovery of this page with my two children. I liked very much the categories of Algebra Problems. Keep up the good work.

Allen Fortenberry
Retired Self-taught Math Student, Austin, Texas
Self interest along with occasional tutoring in several areas of math have lead me on a wild ride across the Internet looking for usable materials and formats. At last I have found what I am after. Logical down-to-earth approach. Understandable. Well Done. Keep up this vital work. Thanks.

Theresa Reiser
8th Grade Math. Teacher. FairLawn, NJ
I am impressed by your presentation.

Peter Robinson
6th Grade Teacher. Auburn, ME
I love what I've seen so far. I teach a high math group and I'm always looking for challenging problems to offer. It seems that our math text book which was supposed to be tied to NCTM standards really doesn't offer much in the way of problems that go beyond simple calculations.

Pamela Allen
Mother. Lakewood, CO
I believe your pages are a worthwhile cause I have enjoyed finding the information that I was searching for.

M Dennis Dranchak
Teacher. Delran, NJ
I find the five-on-its-side effect example to be a devastating indictment of what I have been doing for the last 15 years...and of much of what my department is finding in the so-called curricular revisions sponsored by the NCTM. The comments in the paragraph following the exposition are as incisive as any I have read in a long time. How do you teach thinking as opposed to mimicking a process Your stuff seems to be more than worth a look. Thank you if only for that paragraph. (Editor note: To see Five-on-its-side click here).

Lamar Staines
Thanks for this page. I'm a first time student at the age of 38 and all help is needed. I shall use this a great deal. Maybe I can talk my daughter to join me on this journey.

J. Germano
Skills Enhancement Program Coordinator
Just found out about you. Browsing around to see what's available. I'm new to adult ed but there seems to be a dearth of mathematics materials that go beyond basic arithmetic. Glad to know you are here.

J. C. Patel
Surgeon. Langhorne, PA
This is one of the most concise and well organized system approach to solving problems and this is one of the topics that should be implemented in elementary education. The methodological approach with paragraph indenting technique is the way to construct and instruct.

Dave Chand
Parent of high-schooler.
I am not a school teacher as most of you are but a parent of a high-school student. I've popped onto your page and a quick peruse confirms my belief that your page will be an invaluable help and so kindly accept my sincere thanks.

Craig Fox
8th integrated science teacher. Thousand Oaks, CA
I find more and more interdisciplinary connections as I tour the Internet. It is making my curriculum more connected and teaching more interesting.

Charles Anyimi
I appreciate you putting this web page together. Word problems is one of those areas that frightens a lot of the kids I work with and this will help make it a little easier and more fun for them. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again. Charles

Calvin Walker Jr.
Math science teacher. Richmond, VA

Dave Chand
Parent of high-schooler
I am not a school teacher as most of you are but a parent of a high-school student. I've popped onto your page and a quick peruse confirms my belief that your page will be an invaluable help and so kindly accept my sincere thanks.

J. S. Hogue
Maintenance Supervisor, Shelbyville, CT
I ran across this page while doing research for a problem solving course I am developing. The information helped me to add problem solving by equation to the program. Thanks

Martijn Smit
Ph.D. student in Astronomy. University of Amsterdam
Wow! Before running into your site I thought that I had a very original idea by setting up a homework-service (see http://www.astro.uva.nl/Ftijn/TEACH) for student and teachers in physics.Then I saw your page...... very well structured, very veratile, very nice..Keep up the good work..

J. Erin Evans
Engineering Student, Colorado School of Mines

Your web page is absolutely fascinating! I have learned more about solving problems in the last 30 min. of looking at your pages than in all of my schooling.

Derek B. MacDonal

The idea of a Problem Solving page organized in this way, problems for different group, strategies, solved problems, is a resource that everybody should take advantage of.

Suzette Hermann
Mathematics Teacher. Pickens High School. Jasper, GA

This is a very nice collection. I was searching for some items to include in a teaching unit for a college class. I found some interesting problems to use in my Applied classes.

Sandi Carothers
Student Teacher, Middle School Math. University of Michigan

This looks like a terrific page. I look forward to exploring it more in depth. Any ideas on integrating these problems into the classroom would be greatly appreciated. ( Editor's note: Implementation material has been sent by surface mail. )

Prasad Tadimeti
Assistant Manager.

Good stuff. I intend visiting numerous times.

Paul Anderson
Math Science Teacher. Atwater, MN

Looks great. I bookmarked it so my students can look at it.

Minnie Herricky
chemistry teacher. Sidney, Ohio

Great ideas. Keep it up.

Gabriela Mafiy
Teacher. Lakewood, Ca.

Excellent resource.

Chuck Gastony
Director, NSF-ATE Project APEETE. Penn State - York

Just a quick browse has provided some ideas about problem solving that I will take into my classes and use in our NSF-ATE project.

Bernice McCoy
Teacher, Charleston, SC

I found this to be quite informative creative and innovative. I plan to spend more time reviewing the materials and refer this site to other educators. Keep up the good work.

Deveri Thornton
Math Teacher, Provo, UT

Great Page. The Problem Solving emphasis is so important.

Dale Beasley
Science, math, technology teacher. - St. Philomena School, Des Moines, WA

Haven't checked out your site yet but have added a pointer to your URL and will definitely do so.

Kelly Hall
Senior math high school teacher, Toronto, Ontario Canada

YES. This is exactly what I was looking for. I will be back

Seow Chin Heng
North View Secondary school, Singapore

Your information is essential to student like me.Thanks

Diana Actor Middle school teacher, Medford, OR

This is exciting. I am moving and will be hooking up to a new server and can hardly wait to get back into this section. .

Murray Cullen Computer Studies, Aranui High School, New Zealand

Some very stimulating ideas for my next department meeting. Thanks - I'll be back

Thomas Curran
Cardinal Newman School, UK

Very good resource for teachers

John Wilkins
Instructor. CSUDH . Carson, CA

I just found this site. What a great job you have done with this information. I also teach a methods course for high school math teachers and I will certainly tell them about this site. Thanks

Student, National City, California

Thanks for a wonderful web page. I have been trying to find a resource such as yours to help me come to an understanding of Word Problem solving. I can now be literate in this. Thanks

Sandy Buchholz
High School Math Teacher


Linda Hrycenko
Math Teacher

This is a wonderful site! I can't wait to spend more time investigating.

Carol R. Bennett
Math Teacher (Kernersville, NC)

Thanks for the sample problems. Great!

Carlos Gomes
Problem Solving is the solution (Portugal)

In Portugal, Problem Solving is a not used as a strategy in Math education. This page has been a wonderful surprise to me. In my classes I've used some of this material with excellent results.Congratulations and thanks.

Rob Bedell
High school student (Menomonee Falls, WI)

Great page! Too often I have come across solutions to problems that should have been more clear and descriptive in their flow. As a student I've been forced to derive logical structures myself -- a task I often weary of. Given that I am prone to intense curiousity and often turn to textbooks before papers. I like the promotion this educational approach is getting. Keep up the good work.

Donnie Holland
Teacher (Nova Scotia)

GREAT PAGE! Keep up the good work.

Doris Pacheco
Voluntary algebra tutor.

This is a great idea. Kids all grasp algebraic concepts differently. I work with eighth grade students taking a high school course in algebra. They need much more help in logic skills and visualizing an algebraic solution through examining the problem given.

Carol L. Jones
Math Instructor

Looking forward to getting your free Demo. Thanks.

Terry Karch
Resource Teacher

I teach learning disabled students.This is a very interesting approach which should be helpful to my students.

Sam Burr
Math enthusiast
Your step by step breakdowns are excellent. I enjoy working algebraic equations and went on the web looking for a source and stumbled upon your site. I'm sure your information will help many students and teachers.

Mike Pearson
Looks good. Vital focus.I will go deeper soon.

Jodi Reed
SDSU/Pacific Bell Fellow

Congratulations! The above-referenced Web site has been included in the Blue Web'n Learning Applications Library. http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/bluewebn. Each site included in this database has been selected and reviewed by an Education First Fellow. Your inclusion in the database is an honor reserved for the best instructional lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools on the Web.

George Mehler
Science Coordinator (Doylestown, PA.)
Great Site...This is the way the new education must move. Can you help me? I am looking for statistical problem solving examples in biology. Can you recommend a site or resource for us? Thank you.(Editor note: Can anyone help George find statistical biology on the web?)

Tom W. Webster III
Student at Southern Connecticut State University
Looks like you guys have a great thing going here.Keep up the good work. I'll be visiting again real soon.

Kelly Drake
Elemenary Education student. Stillwater, OK
Thank you for caring enough to do this. It was a great help.

Patricia P. Rodrigues
Student studying elementary education. College Station, Texas
Great stuff

Auckland,New Zealand
Excellent material. I will reference your site on the one we are currently developing for students here in New Zealand.

Michael David Cuddy Sr.
8th Grade Math Instructor
I have watched your page grow over the last several months.I am working with our tech committee to institute online instructional programs and awareness.Thanks for your page.

Allan Hawes
Head of Department. Computing. Rangi Ruru Girls School, New Zealand
Looks interesting if the software is easy to use. (Editor-s note: The software is intentionally designed to be easy to use starting in elementary school.)

Dennis Gillum
Student. Del City, OK
I am assisting a PhD candidate in his research. One of the things we are looking for are resources on the internet that will assist teachers K-12 in mathematics education. Often the internet search results in a null set. A homepage without substance. I was happy to see what is here. It was not a null set or a waste of time. Thank you. Dennis Gillum

Klas Elmgren
PhD student. Dept. of Neutron Research. UPPSALA, SWEDEN
Interesting for teachers I think. I will tell my father who is teaching math and chemistry. He has tried to develop similar methods in his lectures.

Susan Hurstcalderone
Teacher, Science Resource. Blessed Sacrament School. Washington, D.C.
This looks very promising.

James McCulley
Math Teacher - Chaminade College Prep. West Hills, CA
This is very impressive. I'm always looking for ways to help the students solve the problems.

Pat Walch
Program Coordinator - Center for Academic Enhancement. Texas A&M University
You have made word problems fun.Thanks.

Kasonya Thornton
Secondary Math Graduate Student


Kenneth John Harrison
Head of Information Systems Trent Valley High,, UK
GREAT - Prime Site

Sang-Jin Ma
Department of Agricultural Education Graduate School of Seoul National University (Korea)
Happy to contact you.

John Baker
First grade teacher. Austin, TX
I would like to see info on how to implement hands on cooperative problem solving activities in an elementary environment.

Kevin Mason
MTS. Ashburn, Va
Looks interesting


A well organized and informative site.

Darlene Andruchuk
Teacher (Winnipeg, Manitoba )

I would like to see problem solving that might incorporate another subject matter into the problem. would also like to see problem solving using algebra at all levels. Grade 8-12. Thank you. This is a very interesting internet address. (Editor note: Problem sets intended to meet the writer's request are being developed at http://www2.hawaii.edu/suremath/journal.html)

Joni J. Nieland
Chemistry, algebra and environmental science teacher.

I really enjoyed seeing the interesting problems. The tips on how to problem solve were also wonderful. I am looking forward to finding many more interesting problems at this site. Thanks.

Ron Ousdahl
Director, DeVry Institute of Technology
Thanks to the WWW I was able to locate you quickly with only a vague memory of an outstanding article I once read of yours concerning problem solving. The approach was simple, highly effective, and fairly easy to teach.

Douglas Rohn

Outstanding Site -and helpful to boot..

Alan Edward Potosnak
Undergrad research associate @ UCB
I am very glad to see a WEB site that has a high potential efficacy in the realm of analytical problem solving. I myself am interested in using interactive to see online applications that are geared toward education particularly in the maths and sciences.There should be more problems to solve on this site but I am sure that there will be. Keep it up. Alan Potosnak

Guillermo Colon
Student at Kapiolani C. C.

Hello Mr. McAllister I looked at your Sure Math program and tutorial and was very excited. My name is Guillermo Colon and I am a student at Kapiolani C. C. . My major when I transfer to U.H. is going to be cartography or Geography. I am 43 years old and kind of old for going to school. I have a career but I have always been interested in Science and Math. just not very good at understanding the concepts. I'm presently going to take math 27 but at Leeward C.C. in the fall. I try very hard to understand Math. but some how feel that something is slipping past me. Reading your page has made me very excited since this appears like a new way of understanding Math. I have not finished reading the program but I will continue until I finish it. If you have any more info on helping to understand Math. I'll be glad to read it. Thank you for your time and I hope that when I transfer to U.H. I'll have an opportunity to meet you. Mahalo and Muchas gracias. Gill ..

Don Cram
Student home page. Hawaii

Thanks for your Problem Solving web pages. I will be adding them to my list of education related web sites. It will appear under Mathematics and also under Hawaii Kine since I see we are both on this little island. http://www.pixi.com/~cram. Mahalo.

Chris Kitze
Point Communications

Congratulations! Your home page has been rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Survey.

Rae Zamora

Just found your site on the Net. Had to laugh. Despite being tested all kinds of smart, I flunked high school math and quit taking anything to do with math or science courses by the 10th grade. Instead, concentrated on English and Art - where I could express myself clearly and understand what others were expressing(!).

Laughter came from seeing how I currently approach arithmetic and mathematical problems being finally recognized as the best way to teach problem solving... Because I never could make those weird leaps of backwards thinking that high school math teachers wanted, I would literally draw problems, then solve them (like a hyperfast computer does nowadays) one little segment at a time, adding the segments together to get a solution.

This bogged down when it came to physics, trig, advanced math like that. I never even tried physics, my fear was so intense and my performance so abyssmal.

Dean Esmay
Internet service provider for K-12 education.

I've been surfing the Web for some time now and I recently ran across your site. It's beautiful! As it happens, I help operate a special internet service provider for K-12 education called theLINQ. We are currently working on a special CD-ROM which we will be shipping out FREE to some 30,000 schools to help promote the World Wide Web. Of course we hope to sign them up to our service, but to help them do this, we intend to offer samples of high-quality Web sites to show off what's possible on the World Wide Web.

Pamela McAllister
Attorney at Law

Looks great!

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21st century problem solving in algebra, physics and chemistry. The modern approach to problem solving using SureMath for students, teachers and parents in all subjects, such as physics, chemistry and algebra, that use mathematics for problem solving.