Reliable problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving. Algebra, Physics, Chemistry... from grade school to grad school and beyond.
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SureMath problem solving

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A problem is understood by solving it not by pondering it.

SureMath problem solving
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SureMath problem solving SureMath problem solving SureMath problem solving SureMath problem solving

SureMath problem solving

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A collection of simple Word Problems illustrating concept-based problem solving. These are typical of problems in textbooks, in a variety of competency tests and real-life problems.
The problems, and their solutions, on this site provide a base for Integrated Thematic Instruction in mathematical problem solving.
There is a urgent need to replace the many problem solving schemes that have been randomly introduced in K-12 math education in recent years with processes based on sound use of mathematics.
Both Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy1 of cognitive skill and Howard Gardner's Seven Intelligences1,2,3 are well represented in the problem solutions and the descriptions of the problem solving process.

The free website Ms. Lindquist: The Algebra word Problem Tutor provides a valuable resource for exercise in handling story problems. The program was developed by Neil Heffernan at Carnegie Mellon University.

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SureMath problem solving These problems provide the background in problem solving needed to solve problems reliably in more advanced courses. They provide the edge needed to excel in all courses and tests involving use of mathematics in problem solving at the elementary, high school and university levels. Change the way you solve problems forever! Break the problem solving barrier and make Story Problems fun and a constructive learning experience by moving past pretend-a-math.

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These problems serve to illustrate principles of problem solving. An extensive set of problem solutions in all subjects that use mathematical methods for problem solving is available in The Journal of Modern Problem Solving.

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