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Problem Solution

Problem solutions frequently have several solution paths. The one chosen here follows from the first condition encountered in reading the problem.

Starting with the first condition encountered is more efficient since is saves one from the trouble of reading the rest of the problem. In longer problems containing many conditions this can be quite a time saver.

It is also good for the nerves. In some problems reading all of the problem statement can be quite scary and it is not necessary.

Scan for words like find, show that, how (many, strong, much, etc. ) and the like. If these are not present what is asked for will be in the words preceeding the ? mark. To respond to these words read from the beginning of the problem and use the first condition encountered.

The following alternate solution shows that there is nothing to be gained by not using the first condition encountered.

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The problem solution was developed by Howard C. McAllister using SureMath.

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