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STEP 1: Identify the request.
What does the problem ask for?

STEP 2: Respond to the request.
Ask " How Would I Find Out ? "

STEP 3: Generate the result.
Ask " What does the result tell me? "

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The solution shown above uses algebra to develop the solution. Use of algebra is not necessary. The simpler solution shown below is that shown at the first of the links below.

First, we look for a conversion from feet to miles, and from seconds to hours. We mentioned in an earlier page that 1 foot= .305 m, and 1000m=1km, and 1mile=1.61 km, and since there are 60 seconds in a minute, and 60 minutes in an hour... (162 ft / sec) x (0.305 m / 1 ft) x (1km / 1000 m) x (1 mile / 1.61 km) x (60 sec / 1 min) x (60 min / 1 hr). The final result is 105 miles/hour. Ta Dah!! ticket!
The problem is an example shown at See also Factor Label Method.


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