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Problem solving using mathematics

STEP 1: Identify the request.
What does the problem ask for?
STEP 2: Respond to the request.
Ask " How Would I Find Out ? "
STEP 3: Generate the result.
Ask "What does the result tell me?"
SureMath problem solving

problem solving using suremath
problem solving using suremath
problem solving using suremath
The example is intended to emphasize the idea of starting a problem solution using a simple, obvious idea. (Note that the axle of your car wheels is always directly above the point at which the tire contacts the road.) Lack of success in solving a problem is frequently overkill in the starting statement - jumping right into the math for example. The idea comes first, then the math. If you find your mind going around in circles in trying to figure out how to start you are apt to fail to solve a problem. Keep it simple!


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