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The Mathematics Teacher

(The Mathematics Teacher is a journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

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The following are expanded solutions of selected problems from the monthly Calendar in The Mathematics Teacher. The solutions shown serve to augment that valuable resource.
The boring speaker lost the audience . From TMT March 1996. 5/6/96

A man spent two-thirds of his money, etc . From TMT March 1996. 5/6/96

How long does it take the ball to reach home plate ? From TMT January 1996. 5/6/96

The speed of a horse. . From TMT January 1996. 5/7/96

The speed of a horse revisted. . Adpated rom TMT January 1996. Rev 3/23/99

Problem 19 from January 1997 TMT calender 1/29/97

To be continued . . .

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