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There are impressive ongoing reforms to modernize teaching in all subjects.

Modernization of the approaches to problem solving has not yet occurred. Archaic problems solving approaches are institutionalized requiring concerted effort to effect change. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has established standards for the purpose and use of mathematics in the K-12 curriclum. There is an urgent need to apply these standards in problem solving teaching materials for both teachers and students.

Participate in developing materials to add mathematics to instruction in problem solving. The fundamental, research based, problem solving process set forth in this web site provides the basis for the "next generation" of problem solving. This will provide a unification of the contemporary enchoate problem solving materials.

The needed materials for classroom use for modern problems solving do not yet exist.

A unique opportunity is available for those with foresight, talent, enthusiasm and resources to:

  • design teaching materials

  • research use of such materials

  • revise designs to optimize effectiveness
Such efforts will not only provide a valuable service to the educational community but can also be professionally and financially rewarding.
Links in the image above lead to examples of day-to-day problem solving in some of the subjects that use mathematics for solving problems.

Links to the underlying problem-solving theory are also included above. The problem-solving process used here is based on concepts described in extensive problem-solving literature. Those ideas are applied in a manner consistent with the current ongoing modernization of the educational process.


  • Textbooks at all grade levels in all subjects that use mathematics. Pre-college algebra is particularly important, as well as physics and chemistry for both high school and college.

  • Activity books, manipulatives, lesson plans and other materials supporting the teaching and use of mathematics for problem solving in the K-12 curriculum.

  • Multimedia materials — video, television, internet.

  • Computer software to enhance mathematical problem solving, adapted to grade levels. Problem solutions and theory presented in this web site provide the basis for designing the software interface. The core source code for symbolic algebra is available.

  • Online problem solving resources, using symbolic algebra, Java, and server-based programming.


The author of this web site is prepared to cooperate with teachers, curriculum developers, grant recipients, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, authors, programmers, managers, publishers, literary agents, web site developers and sponsors to form a viable network for production of problem solving materials that will dominate the educational market.

Communicate with the author, Howard C. McAllister, to discuss your particular interests.

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