A Short Course in Problem Solving

Copyright 1997. Howard C. McAllister
All rights reserved

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  • Elementary school
    The lessons help students in early grades progress from arithmetic to algebra. Simple arithmetic problems can be cast in a problem solving form. Build problem solving skills early.
  • Middle school
    Middle school is the ideal place to bring about the transition from arithmetic to algebra. Using logical problem solving not only develops problem solving skills but motivates understanding and use of basic algebra.
  • High school
    Word problems in high school algebra are typically difficult and discouraging for many students. This is a result of lack of familiarity with the basic ideas of problem solving. This can be corrected through use of the lessons in this sequence.
  • College
    Students entering disciplines such as engineering, physics and chemistry frequently lack the most rudimentary problem solving skills. They often rely on arithmetic alone. This is quite inadequate. The needed remedial training in problem solving is available in the lessons in this sequence.
  • Introduction

    A very simple word problem

    A modification of a very simple word problem

    A simple problem with two variables. A parallel structure.

    A simple word problem with two parallel variables. A parallel structure.

    A Real Life problem. A parallel structure.

    Hierarchical problem solution structure.

    Dealing with words. A hierarchical structure.

    Dealing with lots of words. A hierarchical structure.

    Putting it all together

    What you need to know to solve problems reliably

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