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The problem solving process shown in these example is the result of 27 years of research and classroom testing. The methodology lends itself well to the inquiry method, group problem solving and individual cognitive development. The examples provide an opportunity to construct understanding through sound problem solving processes. The solution process is based on extensive problem solving literature.

Move into the 21st century by using mathematics for problem solving.

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Mary's Apples and Physics.

Mary's Apples and More Physics.

Mary's Apples and Physics/Algebra

GOAL-Oriented Problem Solving.

The Falling Flower Pot.

Average Speed.

Average Acceleration.

Charge on Series Capacitors.

Problem set. Mechanics.

Problem set. Electricity and Magnetism.

These problems serve to illustrate principles of problem solving. Additional problem solutions in all subjects that use mathematical methods for problem solving are available in The Journal of Modern Problem Solving.

More physics problems . The Journal of Modern Problem Solving .

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