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Pacific Tech Pacific Tech Pacific Tech is proud to announce NuCalc 2.0: The Graphing Calculator for Windows. Featuring powerful methods for visualizing two and three dimensional mathematical objects, NuCalc 2.0 is a valuable tool for students, teachers, scientists and engineers.

For Windows users, NuCalc 2.0 (The Graphing Calculator for Windows) includes capabilities similar to SureMath.

SureMath - Your simple, take-it-with-you, every-day problem solver

Professionals in the work place: Does your day include routine problems that need mathematical solutions? Do you find yourself scribbling in the corners of a tablet, sometimes wondering how you'll put it all together? Or run numbers on your calculator, lose a figure and have to start over?

You can gain control by applying the problem-solving principles described in these web pages. It's a common sense, logical approach that keeps your thoughts organized - so well organized that you can go out for coffee and know exactly where you left off when you return.

These problem-solving principles do not depend upon having a computer available. Working with pencil and paper sometimes has its advantages or becomes necessary when there is no computer at hand. You gain confidence when you know that you are solving the problem in a reliable manner.

When this reliable problem solving approach is combined with computer software specifically designed for solving problems, you have a most valuable tool. SureMath has been designed for that purpose. There are two versions: SureMath is the algebra version. SureMathPlus includes all the features of SureMath plus calculus. They have all the power needed for most kinds of work. No need to resort to the larger, more complex software programs. You don't need a sledge hammer to crack a peanut!

Both versions of SureMath can be used from a hard disk or on a floppy carried in pocket or purse. The applications are small enough to fit on a floppy with space left over for a number of problem solutions. Just slip the disk into any available Macintosh and go to work.

Providers of educational material: Publishers of textbooks and other educational materials will benefit substantially from incorporating modern problem solving methods in their textbooks and supporting materials. This is urgently needed in textbooks from grade school through grad school. Arrangements for doing this can be made with the author.

The problem-solving principles presented in these pages have solved the problem of solving word problems. SureMath software facilitates handling the mathematical functions.

In "real life" all problems are word problems. Many contain both ill-defined conditions and well-defined conditions. These problems also fit into the hierarchical structure described in these web pages.

All examples in these web pages were solved using SureMath.

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SureMath is the software for 21st century problem solving.

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