Reliable problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving. Algebra, Physics, Chemistry... from grade school to grad school and beyond.
For Windows users, NuCalc 2.0 (The Graphing Calculator for Windows) includes capabilities similar to SureMath.
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About SureMath

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What is SureMath?

SureMath is a symbolic algebra program specifically designed for solving word problems.

Electronic assistance has become common place in several situations.
Word processors, spread sheets, drawing and painting programs
all serve to extend ones creativity in areas of writing, data processing and expression.

Similarly, SureMath makes possible creative work in problem solving both in text book based problems and real life problems.

SureMath completes the basic tools needed for electronic assistance for teachers and students in subjects that use mathematics for problem solving.

A Windows 95 version of SureMath will be available during the fall of 1998.
Send e-mail to SureMath Publishing, Inc if you wish to be informed when this is released.

Who can use SureMath?

Anyone who wants to learn to solve problems reliably in any subject matter which uses mathematical methods. Problem solving will make sense. Problem solving will become a satisfying experience. It's never too late!

The ideal time to start?

The concepts used in SureMath are ideally introduced in elementary school so as to make these concepts available in all subsequent courses which use mathematical methods for problem solving. Reliable problem solving contributes significantly to the students' development. SureMath and these problem solving skills are applicable from grade school through grad school and beyond.

Another complex program?

No. The program is small, fitting on a floppy with room to spare. It can be used directly from the floppy. Installation on a hard disk is easy but not required. In a school situation, students can have their own copies which will serve them for a lifetime. Carry a powerful problem solver in your shirt pocket or purse. Use it in any of the many available Macs. Simply put it in the floppy drive and use it from there.

Quite simply, SureMath is your common sense, everyday problem solver.

You can help promote problem solving literacy.

The use of SureMath in pre-college education is growing rapidly. In order to further promote literacy in problem solving, send problems that you would like to see added to the solutions available in these web pages by e-mail now. Solutions will be developed and posted in these web pages. Become a part of the movement to common sense problem solving and help our students be as good as they can be.

For this purpose problems which address the basic difficulties students have in solving word problems are preferred. Esoteric problems do not contribute significantly to overcoming the existing problem solving barrier.

Some history

Attributing the solution presentations in these web pages to the use of SureMath is a simplification. This logical organization of problem solutions was initiated by the author in 1982 in a computer-based environment using programming developed on PLATO. Subsequently, similar programming was done using Ct. This was followed by development of problem solutions using Milo. The next step was to develop a Macintosh application called HAPS, which included the source code of Milo. SureMath and SureMathPlus are further developments of HAPS.

Problem solutions in these web pages include many that were developed by the author using these various computer applications over the period from 1982 to the present. They have been edited using SureMath and SureMathPlus for presentation in these pages.

Prior to the use of computer-based problem solving, the principles of problem solving shown here were implemented on an extensive set of carousel slides for use by students.

For more details,

  1. send e-mail to SureMath Publishing, Inc.
  2. see the SureMath Home Page;
  3. read the Brochure,
  4. To see a demo of Suremath at work click here.
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