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A collection of simple interactive problems providing exercise in reliable problem solving with emphasis on the problem solving process.

The problems serve to bridge the gap between arithmetic and algebra. The problems are listed in order of increasing complexity.

Some first graders can handle the initial problems, with some help, and start to learn to use mathematics for problem solving.

By fifth grade the ideas of reliable problem solving can be used routinely. This forms the framework for reliable and productive problem solving in later grades across the curriculum.

Your browser must be able to use Forms to make use of these problems.

From addition to algebra
A common arithmetic problem done algebraically
to help the transition from use of numbers to use of symbols.

From subtraction to algebra
The problem has the same objective as
the first one but uses subtraction as the operation.

From arithmetic to word problems I
This is the first of a sequence of story problems of increasing sophistocation. Again the objective is to ease the transition from arithmetic to algebra.

From arithmetic to word problems II
From arithmetic to word problems III
From arithmetic to word problems IV

Mary's Apples.
The solution to all problems.
Come to terms with this problem. Once you understand the solution process you have broken the problem solving barrier.

To be continued

The problems in this sequence will include the use of Java to provide enhanced interactivity. A Java compliant browser is not needed to do the exercises but adds to the interactivity. Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later is recommended.

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