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Xenophobia is the fear or hatred of anything that is strange or foreign. Problem-solving xenophobia is observed to be quite common.

A means of overcoming problem solving xenophobia is available using
SureMath - the math software for 21st century problem solving.

Like some other phobias, problem-solving xenophobia is induced by unfortunate experiences. The material presented on these Web pages serves as a preventive vaccine for this particular phobia. The causative agents of problem-solving xenophobia are pervasive and mutate rapidly, so the forces that induce problem-solving xenophobia are quite resistant to change. However, concept-based problem solving is effective against all existing strains of agents that induce problem-solving xenophobia and is sufficiently versatile that it will provide protection against future strains as they arise as well existing strains that have become multi-drug resistant.

The use of concept-based problem solving to eradicate this phobia will become standard practice but it takes time for fundamental change to occur. Hence it is referred to here as

21st Century Problem Solving.

Equations Talk!

This problem solution was developed using SureMath,
the problem solving software for the 21st century.

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