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On November 27th and 28th, 2012, twenty five UH sustainability leaders representing almost all of the University of Hawaii campuses came together for an intense, facilitated, meeting to discuss system-wide sustainability for the University of Hawai`i.  The meeting was held at the UH West Oahu campus.

The purpose of the 2012 System-wide Sustainability Planning Workshop was to further inter-campus sustainability relationships that began during the Spring of 2012 through monthly teleconference meetings. While each campus faces some unique challenges, there is tremendous collaborative potential on a wide range of sustainability issues that will benefit all campuses across the system. The meeting began preparations for an extensive and broadly participatory meeting to be held in the Spring of 2013.

The outcomes of the 2012 System-wide Sustainability Planning Workshop included:

  • The establishment of a draft policy framework.
  • The establishment of a process for continued design of the proposed policy.
  • Initial planning of the spring workshop, including the expected outcomes and draft agenda.
  • The establishment of working groups/subcommittees for planning and background research for the spring workshop.
  • Identification of resource needs for workshop (funding, human resources, communications, promotion, etc.).
  • Participants identified for continued communication/organizational structure, including commitments to follow-up meetings, and the roles and responsibilities of each person.

The workshop closed with participants reporting that they were inspired and committed to continued participation and further building collaborative inter-campus relationships.


  1. Peter Quigley, Office of the Vice President,  Associate Vice President (Community Colleges)
  2. Cam Muir, UH Hilo, Associate Dean (College of Arts and Sciences)
  3. Gail Makuakane-Lundin, UH Hilo, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
  4. Kaipo Dye, UH Hilo, Student
  5. Graceson Gehn, Hawaii CC, Coordinator (Sustainability)
  6. Bill Affonso, Hawaii CC, Officer (Auxiliary Facilities and Services)
  7. Aurora Winslade, UH West O`ahu, Director (Office of Sustainability)
  8. Kimo Yamaguchi, UH West O`ahu, Manager (Facilities)
  9. Keola Jimeno, UH West O`ahu, Student
  10. Carolyn Weygan-Hildebrand, UH West O`ahu, Office of the Chancellor
  11. Evelyn Fox, UH West O`ahu, Faculty (Biology)
  12. Shanah Trevenna, Johnson Controls, Educational Consultant
  13. David Ringuette, Windward CC, Faculty (Biology/Sustainable Agriculture)
  14. Richard Fulton, Windward CC, Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs)
  15. Jennifer Cherico, Maui CC, Executive Director (Sustainable Living Institute of Maui)
  16. Eric Knutzen, Kauai CC, Director (Ho`ouluwehi Sustainable Living Institute)
  17. Joie Taylor, Maui CC, Faculty (Sustainable Science and Management)
  18. Alexander Fisher, Kapiolani CC, Student
  19. Krista Hiser, Kapiolani CC, Faculty (English)
  20. Carl Jennings, Kapiolani CC, Faculty (Art)
  21. Robert Franco, Kapiolani CC, Director (Office for Institutional Effectiveness)
  22. Philip Johnson, UH Manoa, Faculty (Computer Science)
  23. Kevin Griffin, UH Manoa, Campus Planner (Physical, Environmental and Long Range Planning)
  24. Michael Moser, Leeward CC, Faculty (Continuing Educaiton and Workforce Development)
  25. Bill Labby, Leeward CC, Faculty (Safety and Industry Program)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012:

  • 4:00pm Convene/Check-in/Introduce Facilitators
  • 4:20pm “Who’s in the Room” – get to know participants
  • 5:00pm Overview of Purpose, Outcomes, Agenda
  • 5:30pm Review policy materials & discuss: Sample policies, Example framework
  • 6:30pm Dinner (potluck)
  • 7:30pm Check-out: share up to 1-2 accomplishments/sustainability activities underway at your campus

Wednesday, November 28, 2012:

  • 8:00am Check-in and Orientation. Outcome: Review/meet the participants, understand outcomes/agenda, update from Tuesday.
  • 8:30am Presentations: Gene Awakuni (UHWO Chancellor), Leith Sharp (International Sustainability in Higher Education Consultant)
  • 9:00am World Cafe Discussion (& 20 minute Break). Outcomes: Everyone understands the value of having a system policy in place, gather input from the group on the content areas to be included in such a policy, gather input from the group on the elements/structure for such a policy, gather input on what will be needed for the long-term success of the system sustainability initiative and policy
  • 11:30am Lunch
  • 12:25pm Presentation: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • 12:45pm Explain and Identify Participants for Breakout Groups
  • 1:00pm Small Work Groups. Outcome: Using input generated from the morning World Cafe, each group will make progress on planning either the Policy Framework, the ongoing Organizational Structure/Needs, or the Spring 2013 Workshop.
  • 2:20pm Break
  • 2:45pm Report Back from Breakout Groups and Group Discussion
  • 3:30pm Identify Next Steps
  • 4:15pm Check-out and Evaluation