[SCHOLARSHIPS] Student scholarship available to attend 2017 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference

In partnership with Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation’s Environmental Leadership Pathways Initiative, the HCC Student Scholarship Program aims to provide a
one-of-a-kind career development opportunity for students and emerging professionals interested in pursuing a career in a conservation-related field.


Preference will be given to eligible applicants who meet the following evaluation criteria:

  • Resident of Hawaiʻi
  • Current Hawaiʻi high school junior or senior, OR a recent graduate of a Hawaiʻi
    high school
  • Current post-secondary student (enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, associates, etc. program)
  • Emerging professional that recently graduated, and is no more than three years into his/her career
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to conservation in Hawaiʻi

Applicants will be also be evaluated on:

  • Program eligibility requirements
  • Completed application
  • Personal Statement

In addition, the students that are accepted into the Student Scholarship program will also be eligible to participate in the Pūlama Kuamoʻo Mentorship Program. The intention is to provide an opportunity for emerging professionals from Hawai‘i to meet and network with Hawaii’s established professionals in the conservation research and natural resource management community.

Apply now on the HCA Conference website, or contact capacity@hawaiiconservation.org for more information.