Feb 8-10, 2018, Hawaiʻi Sustainability in Higher Education Summit

Mauō: the perpetuation of well-being

6th Annual Hawaiʻi Sustainability in Higher Education Summit

On February 8-9, 2018, Hawaiʻi Island will host delegates from all ten University of Hawaiʻi campuses to learn together from subject matter experts, local practitioners, and each other.

#HSHE18 The 6th Annual Hawaiʻi Sustainability in Higher Education Summit will continue to explore the meeting of wisdoms between indigenous ancestral knowledge and western empirical sciences.

Community members explore a cave that is found along an ancient trail being restored by students above Pālamanui campus.

This purpose of this year’s event is to:

  • share best practices and lessons learned from across the broad & diverse field of sustainability in higher education
  • support faculty in developing sustainability courses across the curriculum
  • share best practices in applied learning and campus operations to meet energy, water and waste reduction targets
  • feature curriculum, teaching, research, community & cultural engagement activities at the annual poster session
  • feature  student and faculty work conducted during AY17-18’s Many Minds, One University focus on addressing the Grand Challenges of Water

For the first time, this year’s summit will include a VIRTUAL SUMMIT on Friday, Feb. 9, with a VIRTUAL KEYNOTE from the Worldwatch Institute (“Is Sustainability Still Possible?”) and the annual “State of the State Climate Update” from UH climatologist Dr. Chip Fletcher.

Campus delegates will be invited by their campus sustainability committees, and the plenary sessions will be livestreamed to the internet to ensure access for those unable to participated in-person.

Contact mklynch@hawaii.edu with any questions.