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Next Steps moving forward from 1st Annual Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summit (HSHE13)

Next Steps for the UH System Initiative: revised 05-10-13

Presentation: Summit Outcomes Presentation to Council of Chancellors 05-01-13

Draft UH System Sustainability Policy: Revised draft 04-29-13

Draft UH System Sustainability Implementation Strategy: Revised draft 04-29-13

HSHE13 preparation materials:

Additional Documentation and Resources:

The 2002-2010 University of Hawaii System Strategic Plan, “Entering the University’s Second Century“, identifies “malama ‘aina sustainability” as a commitment and core value.

The 2011-2015 University of Hawaii at Manoa Strategic Plan, Achieving Our Destiny, identifies sustainability as one of five core values.

The 2012 University of Hawaii at Manoa Energy Strategic Plan identifies over $66M in potential energy efficiency and renewable generation projects and energy savings of over $37M per year.

The University of California Policy on Sustainable Practices provides an example of a “system-wide” sustainability policy.

Last modified: March 4, 2020
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